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Skin Care in Winter


With whipping winds, dry air, and chilly temperatures, winters aren’t really conducive to our skin or hair, which is why one needs to be extra cautious to save the beautiful, soft, and moisturized strands during winters. Now that the days are getting colder, it’s high time to make your tresses winter ready (if you haven’t done it yet).

Here are five tips that will help you maintain healthy, beautiful hair this winter season.

Keep it cool

Yes, nothing compares to the relaxing feeling of hot water bath during cold days. But try to avoid long hot showers and do not submerse your body in hot water for more than 5 minutes as it would squeeze out all the moisture from your skin and hair.

Let your fingers do the magic

Ditch comb in the winters and rely on your 10 digits to detangle your tresses. Finger combing on wet hair for removing knots and tangles, and using extra conditioner on the ends will protect your delicate locks from falling off.

Give a deep conditioning therapy

Twice a month, take time out to pamper your hair and give them deep conditioning treatment. You may either do it via a hot oil massage (combination of almond, olive & coconut oil) & then hot steam/hot towel wrap to your hair at home, or you may visit a hair salon to get a professional hair therapy treatment to replenish the moisture in your hair. This would also help you curb hair fall and dandruff which is a common problem during winters.

Curb weekly washes

If you tend to give a shampoo wash to your hair every alternate day, then avoid it during winters.
Limit shampooing hair during cold days to twice a week that will prevent them from drying out too much. And whenever you give them a soapy wash, never forget three things: applying conditioner, avoiding styling products like blow dry, and not stepping out of house before hair dries completely. With these three simple and easy steps, you can save your hair from getting brittle & dry.

Save your hair from woolen scarves

Yes, you would need a woolen scarf to beat the cold due to chilling winds during winters. But you might not be aware that these hats are your hair’s worst enemy, as these woolen headbands, caps, & scarves, along with protecting from cold, also cause damage to hair by rubbing against them, further making them weak & easily breakable. One easy way to save your hair from getting fragile is wrapping hair in a silk scarf beneath your woolen beanie. This would help avoid friction and keep your hair smooth &healthy.


Along with all these tips, go for regular hair trims (every six to eight weeks) to reduce the chances of dry & split ends and keep your hair healthy. More than that, these trims always help in lesser knotting, easy detangling and better styling results.


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