Clinic Dermatech has been involved in the science of taking care of your skin and keeping it healthy and glowing. Clinic Dermatech has specialized in Advanced Skin Care solutions and Routine Skin Care solutions, which basically includes: Acne, Acne scars, Pimples, Stretch Marks, Wart, Moles, Facials, Hylite, Therapy etc.
The exclusive Carbon Miracle face therapy is an advanced and effective technique for sparkling and glowing skin. By combining the technology and the power of carbon, Clinic Dermatech has been successful in introducing a long lasting solution for almost all of your skin worries.
Carbon Miracle face therapy is a technique that has been practiced for more than 75 years. Carboxy( or Carbon) therapy is a skin cure method for rejuvenating the skin by the process of oxidation, and thereby, bringing glow to the skin. For people in this era, skin care has been one of the major concerns as the dust particles, harsh chemicals and the exposure to UV light in the sun damages our skin. Therefore, Carbon Miracle face therapy has become an important remedy for achieving flawless skin as it offers:
  • Whitening: The Carbon Miracle therapy enhances the skin tone, giving it a brighter look and it helps in lightening spots and other blemishes.
  • Anti-ageing– It reduces the wrinkles and age spots by tightens the skin , thereby, giving you a flawless and a glowing skin.
  • Deep Cleansing: Carbon Miracle face therapy hydrates and nourishes your skin, as it removes the accumulated impurities.
  • Improved Skin: It improves your skin as it removes blackheads, prevents acne and constricts the pores.
For anyone who wants a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin, Carbon Miracle face therapy is an ideal and a comfortable procedure as it is convenient and relaxing. Clinic Dermatech has made the process of skincare simpler, helping you lead your successful lives through the ability to make you feel and look, attractive.
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