Should you be worried about pollution and dust affecting your skin?

At Clinic Dermatech, backed by medical expertise, we offer personalized skincare treatments to rejuvenate your skin and enhance its quality. Our offerings purge pores of city grime and feed lacklustre skin the nutrients it needs to glow. The perfect solution for your skin battle, all of those nasty free radicals is DermaShine. 

Your Skin as the First Protector

Nowadays everyone seems to be jumping on the “green” bandwagon. From buying organic foods to driving smaller cars, using canvas shopping bags, and finding all possible ways to recycle. But even if conservation doesn’t matter to all, there’s another benefit to adopting a green lifestyle: the health of our skin.

Skin is our largest organ. It is more than packaging. It is designed to protect us from external elements. It is waterproof, insulating, and guards our body against extremes. It gives us protection against temperature, damaging sun rays and does its best to block harmful chemicals. However, despite being ridiculously versatile, it is not necessarily equipped to deal with modern chemicals found in some polluted air.

Pollution is All Around You

We all know the effects on pollution on our health are fairly alarming. However, what we often don’t realize is that pollution and dust are terrible for our skin. Pollution is everywhere around us – indoors and outdoors and is constantly wreaking havoc on our skin.  

Several elements impact our skin, such as toxic particles, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide emissions from cars, and lead from factories. There are also many secondary pollutants, such as ozone, which are created when primary pollutants from stationary (industries and heating) and mobile (transportation) sources are exposed to solar rays and heat.

Urban living has its perks. It provides us with an exorbitant lifestyle combined with all the luxuries of a fast-paced life. But, one major downside can be the effects of pollution and dust on your skin. For the working population, taking good care of skin and maintaining a balanced healthy diet is no less than a far-fetched dream. Daily exposure to sun, pollution, dust, and dirt damages our skin and causes various layers of your face and body to get dull and steal our natural glow. Air pollutants cover our skin like a dirty layer of film that one can’t see. 

What happens when Pollution covers our skin?

(1) It doesn’t just sit on the surface – its particles are 20 times smaller than pores and can infiltrate the deeper layers of our skin, thus penetrating the skin barrier.

(2) It activates the production of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that attack cells in our skin causing disruption of collagen production and causing premature ageing. 

(3) They damage our DNA, result in an inflammatory state by activating our immune system or hyperpigmentation, cause a loss in elasticity and produce age spots.

(4) Dull complexion and dehydration of the skin. 

(5) Pores are dilated and blackheads or pimples appear.

However, thanks to science, in recent years, the health and skin effects associated with air pollution have been intensively studied. Laboratory tests have helped measure not only how the cells react to different pollutants, but also which ingredients can protect them against the negative effects caused. From there, many skincare products are developed to protect against damage and repair the damage done as much as possible.

How You can Counter Pollution with Clinic Dermatech 

With 14 years of experience of working with all skin types to reduce and eliminate the different types of skin-related issues, Clinic Dermatech offers a range of most advanced skincare treatments at various locations across the country.

At Clinic Dermatech, backed by medical expertise, we offer personalized skincare treatments to rejuvenate your skin and enhance its quality. Our offerings purge pores of city grime and feed the lacklustre skin the nutrients it needs to glow. The perfect solutions for your skin battle all of those nasty free radicals are DermaShine and Advanced Facials. 

How does DermaShine protect your skin?

DermaShine utilizes a microcrystal probe to gently exfoliate and mildly abrade the surface of the skin to enable cleaner, brighter skin. The high flow of aluminium oxide crystals along with soft vacuum moved onto the skin promotes even tone, better texture, and reduces pore blockage.

It reduces the negative effects of pollution on your skin and prevents it against any further damage with its antioxidant-rich products. Also, it keeps your skin’s barrier healthy and exfoliates to remove the contamination from your pores.  

The technique uses the hero skincare ingredient among most specialists, Vitamin C which is one of the strongest pollution repellents. Vitamin C blocks the free radicals and is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin to repair and brighten. It helps hydrate and neutralize environmental aggressors. The technique protects the skin from environmental damage, UVA ageing and UVB burning, and keeps it nourished.

Also, the pollutants often get stuck in the paste-like mixture of oil and dead cells and sit on the surface of the skin. Therefore, a series of DermaShine sessions will help to brighten and remove those dark spots, address mild skin problems like the effects of pollution, sun tanning and the appearance of fine lines.

Our new Defense line shields skin from airborne pollutants letting skin steadily repair its stressed-out appearance, becoming even-toned, stronger, and noticeably vibrant so you see radiant, clarified, and healthy skin now and for years to come. It helps to successfully create a barrier against environmental assault.

Advanced Facials – the best skincare begins here

Advanced Facial is a comprehensive face therapy that brings a youthful, long-lasting glow to the skin. The skin is slightly polished and gently exfoliated to reveal firmer smoother skin with a clean and bright look. The nourishing mask applied thereafter is chosen carefully to suit skin-specific needs to ensure the best possible results. 

Advanced Facial is customised according to your skin type for optimum results. It is advised as the go-to facial as it: 

  • Brightens Complexion
  • Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells
  • Lightens Tan & Dark Spots
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Boosts Collagen Production

The Advanced Facial improves skin flaws such as enlarged pores and pitted scars. It reduces fine lines and improves skin tone and texture. It increases product absorption and thus revives dull and dehydrated skin. It controls skin issues and manages skin breakouts. It improves circulation and thus brings an unmatched glow to the skin. 

The Advanced Facial should be repeated once every month for a consistently radiant glow. This service takes about 45 minutes and there is no downtime. So you can get it done in your lunch break and can continue with your routine seamlessly after getting it done. 

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