Planning Hair Transplant in Delhi/NCR? The Cost Might Surprise You

What does the hair transplant Cost in Delhi”— This is probably the most common question asked by people who want to undergo a hair transplant to put an end to their baldness. What they should know is that the cost of hair transplants in Delhi depends on two factors, namely, baldness grade and the number of grafts required to cover baldness. 

The cost of a hair transplant also varies with the surgeon’s experience, background, and overall quality and safety of the procedure. So, places with skilled staff and a comfortable setting with the best technology may charge higher than others. 

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What Are The Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplant?

1. Hair Loss Grade And Medical Condition of The Patient

People experiencing baldness lose hair in different ways. The Norwood scale classifies the stages of male pattern baldness on a scale of 1 to 7. It also helps identify the progression of these patterns of hair loss. The hair surgeons make an accurate diagnosis and identify the best treatment options for their patients using this scale, along with considering their medical condition.

2. Experience of the Surgeon

According to the Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons, only dermatologists, plastic and general surgeons can perform hair transplants. When choosing the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, the experience of the hair surgeon is paramount because hair restoration is a complicated procedure that can only be mastered after practicing the surgery multiple times. 

3. Hair Transplant Results

The before and after pictures of patients who have already been treated by the hair transplant clinic and patient reviews on social media platforms and other websites are important. Learning more about the feedback on the treatment from different patients of the hair transplant clinic helps the patient gain insights into the quality of service.

4. Hair Transplant Technique 

The procedure of the best hair transplant in Delhi has significantly upgraded in the past few years. A variety of new equipment, tools, and techniques have been involved, which have made the process of hair transplant precise, offering an excellent graft survival rate. 

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5. Overall Experience 

Surgeons who conduct most of the surgery with minimal involvement of the assisting staff are rare. Plus, those offering end-to-end support, pre and post-surgical counselling, and PRP sessions (and informing why they are required) while keeping safety, hygiene, setup and establishment of operative rooms in mind will cost you a bomb. This thoroughness comes with experience, which is why the overall experience of a clinic matters a lot when it comes to rendering the best hair transplants in Delhi.

Clinic Dermatech: Best Hair Transplant in Delhi without Breaking Your Wallet

At Clinic Dermatech Delhi, we are trusted by thousands for putting clients’ best interests first. Having a team of internationally trained surgeons who use minimally invasive boosted FUE procedures, we deliver the most natural-looking results safely. The techniques used at Clinic Dermatech are tailored to individual requirements so that there is no discomfort or residual scarring after surgery, and the patient completely recovers within a week. Full hair growth usually shows within 6-9 months to a year.

Our surgeons suggest the best hair transplant procedures suited to your baldness grade, medical condition, and budget without compromising on quality and safety. 

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