“Congratulations! You are Getting Married! Plan your Pre-bridal skincare routine too”

You have made it through the exciting part of the engagement, and now it’s time to give yourself good attention to look fantastic on your big day. Yes, we’re talking about your pre-bridal skincare routine because it is when you can go for a makeover so that you can have the best hair, skin, and nails of your life.

Brides-to-be, it is not just your bridal outfit, Jewellery, invitations or venue that need care and attention. In addition to your wedding must-haves, you have another of to-dos to carry out. To begin with, skincare treatment is a great way to practice some pampering, self-care, getting de-stressed ahead of your nuptials. And of course, each step is important since it will aid you in perfecting your wedding-day look, from enhancing your glow to adding shine to your hair. So, the clock is ticking and it is time to start with your wedding beauty plan leading up to the big day!

Below, the essential things to consider when getting your pre-bridal skincare routine in order.

Skincare services 6 Months Prior to the Wedding

Schedule an Appointment with your Dermatologist

Needless to say, but flawless skin should probably be one of your top priorities for your special day makeup. And only a specialized skincare clinic can get you the right kind of advice. First, they can assess your skin type way better than you and secondly, they can recommend a strategy for achieving that bridal glow you have always dreamt of. Some treatments like softening wrinkles or reducing acne takes time and preparation a few months ahead can save your look.

Skin Care treatments 4 Months Prior Wedding

  • Visit an Aesthetic Clinic for Regular Facials

If you are lucky to have problem-free skin and you just want a professional skincare treatment to maintain it that way till your wedding, find a reputable aesthetic clinic in your area to help maintain skin in proper shape. In your initial consultation with your aesthetician, make sure you explain your problems and address your goals – don’t hesitate to speak up.

  • Exfoliate and Follow up with a Skin Brightening Serum

Dead cells accumulate on the skin. Regular exfoliation with a brightening serum accentuates the inner glow on your wedding day. Regular exfoliation will remove dead cells and improve radiance.

  • Keratin Treatment for Hair

There are wide arrays of options available for Keratin treatment. It is good to try out the process months in advance to ensure it works best for you. Always prefer a professional skin care service for such treatments.

  • Try Microblading for Sparse Brows

If your brows aren’t as thick as you want, try microblading two to three months before your wedding month. With microblading, you can achieve your much-desired natural brows without worrying about your brow makeup getting removed due to sweat. The process will need a week to heal completely and then you have to go in for further touch-ups. But the important thing is to do your research before you get microblading and get it done from a professional clinic.

  • Hair Removal

When it is just a month to go, keep yourself well-groomed. Remove any excess hair from your legs and hands clinically. Keep your eyebrows in shape. Laser Hair removal done at Clinic Dermatech is with the utmost professionalism and the experts take good care that the bride-to-be doesn’t get any adverse effects from the treatment, however temporary.

Finally, de-stressing at the end of the day with a good pre-bridal skincare routine is a must for the gorgeous bride-to-be! Expert service for skincare treatment not only promotes healthy skin but also takes the guesswork out of the procedure. Be happy, stay in the moment and enjoy your wedding!