Get “Bridal special” Advanced Skin Care

So, the “Great Indian Wedding Season” is almost here and if you are getting hitched this year, chances are there that you have so many things to complete before the big day. One of the most important things that you should be careful about is your skin. Since the wedding is a memorable event, you must look good and beautiful, at least for yourself and look good in camera. Moreover, your wedding dress may make you look extra gaudy on your dull, dry, coarse and lifeless skin. So, if you haven’t planned your bridal skincare yet, this article is for you. We are here to show you how to start.

  1.        Diet

Every bride wants a clear and flawless skin on the wedding day and the best way to get it is to ditch junk, oily foods and aerated drinks for a while. Stick to nutritious diet and get a good sleep of 8 hours daily to start with your skin care routine.


  1.        Cleaning Your Skin

Before you hit the bed, don’t forget to do the routine cleansing-toning-moisturizing. Choose a good brand for cleansing, like the Absolute Cleanser from Ciel Skin care to remove dead skin cells and everyday pollutant from your skin. Follow it up with the Reviving Tonic Mist which is completely alcohol-free and gives freshness to your skin by controlling skin breakouts. Complete the skin care task with the Energizing Overnight Cream which restores the elasticity of your skin and minimizes the effects of exposure and pollution. You can easily find these products range at Clinic Dermatech!


  1.        Facial Care

A wedding can be stressful and too much thinking about it can show its effects on your skin in the form of wrinkles. This may make you look aged. In order to beat that, you can use anti-aging creams like Ciel Age Reversal Formula from Clinic Dermatech, which is a strong cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it makes your skin look luminous and hydrated. In order to beat the dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, you can use eye cream like Platinum eye serum which minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

Other services of bridal skin care provided by Clinic Dermatech are:

  1.  Laser Helium Neon, a non-invasive therapy for treating your acne and pimples.
  2.  IPL, Erbium Yag Laser and Nd: Yag long pulse laser for reducing the acne and pimples along with their scar marks.
  3.  Treating of warts and moles through CO2 laser which reveals your beautiful skin effectively.
  4.  Advanced laser treatment for reducing unwanted facial redness.
  5.  Advanced Q-switched laser which helps to remove permanent tattoo from your body.
  6.  Removing skin problems like varicula, couperose and red points on your skin through our TC 3000 technique.
  7.  Treating Vitiligo through using UVB technology.


Along with that, we also provide advanced facial treatment according to the genre of your skin.

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