Cost of Skin Whitening At India’s Best Skin And Hair Clinic

Every customisable cosmetic procedure depends on a variety of factors. But the skin whitening treatment cost in Delhi has become much more affordable than ever thanks to Clinic Dermatech, awarded the best skin and hair clinic in India 2022 among cosmetic service providers. 

Every year several clients visit Clinic Dermatech in Delhi to undergo this treatment. To help our potential clients know more about it, we have pulled together a list of some common yet crucial factors that decide the cost of skin whitening treatment in Delhi. 

Types of Skin Whitening Treatment

The cost of skin whitening treatment usually depends on the treatment method you are undertaking. The three most important types of skin whitening treatment are oral, topical, injectables, and laser. The oral treatment for skin whitening includes glutathione, a safe ingredient for skin whitening. Topical solutions–hydroquinone, retinoids, and kojic acid, are applied to maintain the skin. We also provide injectable options that include glutathione and vitamin C doses. 

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The laser treatment for skin whitening uses a light beam to enhance the skin’s complexion. Among all the mentioned skin whitening treatment options, injectables, peels, and laser procedures are considered the most effective in immediate results. As a result, the latter two options are costlier compared to the oral and topical options.

The Area of The Body For Skin Whitening Treatment

The number of areas you want to lighten also decides the cost of skin whitening in Delhi. If you want a full body skin whitening treatment, then it will put a higher cost compared to the skin whitening treatment just for the facial skin. Some people also opt for skin whitening treatments in areas like the underarms, hands, knees, face, neck, etc. The cost for these treatments is usually less compared to full-body skin whitening treatments.

The Experience And Recognition Of Dermatologists And Skin Clinics

The recognised and certified skincare clinics in Delhi would charge higher prices than regular physicians. These can be decided based on qualifications, certifications, accreditation, and experience in cosmetic dermatology. The best course of action is to choose someone highly specialised in their field.

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The Reputation of The Skincare Clinic

It is always better to choose only accredited and certified cosmetic clinics for skin whitening treatment in DelhiClinics that are ISO certified assure you about safety, hygiene, and standard facilities measures to prevent any chances of risk or discomfort.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, we can say that skin whitening treatment in Delhi is the best option, provided you choose the best skin clinic and a recognised dermatologist. Everything depends on the care, concern, and comfort of performing the treatment. 

Get in touch with us to know more and get your customized treatment sessions. 

Manju Kuhar
Manju Kuhar
Sejal Thakur s services is excellent
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Niharika Singh
My experience with all staff members at clinic dermatech Gurgaon has been great. I would like to specially mention exceptional professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in all that they do - for 3 members of clinic dermatech - Manisha, Akanksha and Sejal. Thank you so so much for making all interactions and services such a delight !
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neelu Deipakk
Vandana was very good and very gentle with the services
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Sanjana Shukla
Sejal did my facial and it was super good!! Really love the place and services
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Sangeeta Chadha
Sejal did a very relaxing job m A good clean up facial for me .. forgetting the name which Manisha ( guided by her ) would know .. Happy me !
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Kavita Dhingra
Clinic services are amazing. Akanksha is very cooperative and explained the procedure in detail to me.I highly recommend this clinic