Weight Loss

We live in a society that is obsessed with perfection. These “Too much” and “Not Enough” and “Wish I had” attitudes are something that we develop about our bodies each day. When we fail to meet weight loss or hypothetical beauty standards, it takes a toll on our perception of ourselves and makes us love ourselves less. 

We at Clinic Dermatech help you with all your body shaping requirements. Every individual has a different body and bodies come in various shapes and types. But no matter what your body shape or type, there is a way to achieve your ideal body through some great groundbreaking or weight loss treatments that can be performed at Clinic Dermatech. Our experts analyze your body type, your lifestyle, health issues, if any, and accordingly they suggest to you which body shaping and weight loss treatment will work best for you. All our procedures are absolutely safe and customer satisfaction is our priority. Clinic Dermatech has the best of treatments and solutions when it comes to body shaping and weight loss. 

Get a Perfect Body with CryoSculpting

CryoSculpting is the world leader in non-invasive body contouring technologies and can help you achieve your desired body shape by eliminating stubborn fat. This non- invasive effectively freeze fat to destroy cells, which are then naturally eliminated from the body.

CryoSculpting is a non-invasive, painless and simple procedure to lose weight. An anti-freeze gel pad is placed and a specialized applicator is used to deliver cooling to the fat cells in the targeted area. This process, called cryolipolysis, chills and kills fat cells which are then processed and removed through natural means. The fat is metabolized by your own body. After a number of weeks, the areas which have been frozen start to shed inches as the fat is flushed out of your body.

Fat Freezing is the cool way to free those fats with Cryolipolysis

Fat freezing, technically known as cryolipolysis is an FDA approved non-invasive method of freezing fat cells to get rid of “love handles,” a double chin and other unwanted bulges of fat. Changes in the body are visible after 2-3 sittings and it removes up to 25 percent of fat from a given area. Fat freezing works by using paddles that force the skin into a cup in order to crystallize underlying fat cells. Each procedure can last from 35 minutes to an hour, depending on the targeted area. It is safe and painless procedure though the area treated will first feel very cold and thereafter numb.

Feel confident and empowered with Body Shaping

Body Shaping not only enhances our look but makes us more confident to face the world. One learns to focus on the positive aspects of one’s body, it becomes much easier to feel confident, outgoing and empowered.

We at Clinic Dermatech have recently introduced 100 days body transformation challenge, which is a must-try package. This package includes a combination of all the high-end non-invasive technologies available for body shaping like Cryolipolysis, HIFU, and Radiofrequency. Therefore, making it a complete non – invasive treatment for permanent fat reduction and body sculpting. 

Weight loss with Clinic Dermatech

Weight loss is not a fat loss. When a person loses weight the first thing to exit the body is excess water and muscle. Losing fat is the hardest and last thing to go. The truth is there is no “one size fits all” solution to permanent healthy weight loss. What works for one person may not work for you, since our bodies respond differently to different treatments, depending on genetics and other health factors.

To find the method of weight loss that’s right for you will likely take time and require patience, commitment and the right advice from our experts at Clinic Dermatech.

Call and book your appointment today. Meet our experts today and get the best treatment for your body.

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