Hair Transplant in Delhi

Enormous strides have been made to help people regain full, healthy hair. For those who are not in favour of hair transplants or do not prefer needles and would like a non-surgical and non-invasive solution, there is help at hand. Clinic Dermatech offers a diverse range of modern hair systems with Advanced Hair Design. These need not be taken off, are comfortable on the scalp, and are indiscernible to the eye.  

What is a Hair System?

Usually, a hair system is produced using human or synthetic hair which is hand-woven onto a singular base of material like lace. The base is then adhered to the client’s head with the preferred method of attachment (tape or adhesive) and is further cut and blended. This makes the hair system undetectable.

What are Hair Systems Made of?

Usually, hair systems use either Mesh Fabric or Polymers to construct the base. 

Mesh Fabric is made of polyester or nylon and is used to create the hairline of the hair system. The pros of mesh fabric are that the hairline appears natural and untraceable. Also, the material is lightweight, allows the skin to breathe, and is comfortable on the scalp. However, mesh fabric is not suitable for long-term use as it is very delicate and needs to be replaced frequently. 

Polymers Bases are formed of silicone or polyurethane and are applied to design a material that imitates the look of skin. The hair systems are more durable and robust. They can be easily attached and tend to be more affordable than mesh fabric. However, polymer bases can be very hot and uncomfortable. They also give a fake natural look (unless the hairline is formed of lace).

Clinic Dermatech Presents Advanced Hair Design

Clinic Dermatech presents hair systems as Advanced Hair Design wherein a mix of Taping System as well as the Glue System is used. 

The head of the client is measured and hair skin is applied on the scalp. The new hair is merged with the old hair which is then cut and styled to provide a natural look as per the aesthetic taste and face cut.

Clinic Dermatech uses the best modern imported comfortable fabrics as bases for hair systems under Advanced Hair Design. This means that the client will not feel any itching, discomfort or irritation with these personalized hair systems.

The hair used natural human hair that is responsibly sourced. It is customized to match the client’s precise hair colour, texture, wave, and density.

What can one do while wearing CD Advanced Hair Design hair systems?

Truthfully, there are very few things one cannot do while wearing the hair system from Clinic Dermatech. 

A person can go swimming, horse-riding, running – basically take part in all sporting activities without fearing that the hair system will be dislodged or fly off or get damaged.

One can get the hair trimmed and styled too and even the hairdresser won’t be able to tell that the client is wearing a hair restoration hair system. One can even colour the hair as one does with one’s natural hair. 

Essentially one can live life and without the worry of being discovered or mocked.  

What Other Hair Restoration Treatments Can One Go For?

The hair restoration treatments are Advanced Hair Transplant, Mesotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. Hair transplant entails moving hair from a hair-rich area of the head to a balding or thinning area of the head. Mesotherapy involves injecting a special cocktail of medicines into the scalp to enhance hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP hair treatment) involves taking blood from the client, separately the plasma through the centrifuge and reinjecting this platelet-rich plasma into the scalp for hair boosting. 

Choose Clinic Dermatech for Advanced Hair Design

Clinic Dermatech offers the best non-invasive hair restoration solution, Advanced Hair Design, for all people, irrespective of age, hair type and degree of hair loss. It is the best opportunity for those with moderate to advanced hair loss to dramatically improve their appearance. Looking good translates into feeling good and gives confidence which automatically changes your presence, which is in line with our motto ‘Live Powerfully’.

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Manju Kuhar
Manju Kuhar
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Niharika Singh
My experience with all staff members at clinic dermatech Gurgaon has been great. I would like to specially mention exceptional professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in all that they do - for 3 members of clinic dermatech - Manisha, Akanksha and Sejal. Thank you so so much for making all interactions and services such a delight !
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neelu Deipakk
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Sanjana Shukla
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Kavita Dhingra
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