If exercise and dieting are failing to get you the abs and butt that you dream about and are looking for a solution, then Clinic Dermatech has the answer. With our latest treatment EMSHAPE, you get the chiseled body that you have always wanted. 

EMSHAPE is a non-invasive treatment that sends high-intensity focussed pulsed electromagnetic energy (HIPEM) through the skin, which in turn helps build muscle tones the body, and assists in fat removal. 

What’s more, EMSHAPE increases muscle mass by 16 percent and reduces the waistline by almost 19 percent. What else can one ask from a fat loss treatment?

A 30-minutes session of EMSHAPE gives results of 30,000 crunches – which are well beyond the capacity of the most ambitious workout. One can see the results immediately with this unique non-surgical fat removal from stomach treatment!

How Does EMSHAPE Work?

The actual procedure of EMSHAPE is fast and painless. A rubber pad is placed on the abs or any other targetted muscle group. The pad then delivers intense electromagnetic waves into the skin to the muscles which causes involuntary muscle contractions. This leads to the release of fatty acids that break down the fatty tissues. The fat removal leads to the improvement of muscle tone and adds the strength of the body. The entire process is like doing crunches but without physical effort as EMSHAPE stimulates the abdominal muscles. 

EMSHAPE acts the way exercise does for the body in terms of reducing fat and building muscle. When a person exercises (like doing crunches), there is wear and tear of the muscles to which the body responds by rebuilding and repairing the muscle tissue which in turn leads to firmer and stronger muscles. 

EMSHAPE too works the abdominal muscles in the same way helping to gain muscles in the belly area. The treated area looks firmer, tighter and more toned. This surely makes it the best method for non surgical fat removal from the stomach.

EMSHAPE at Clinic Dermatech is the only technology that builds muscles through applied contractions, which in turn helps destroy fat cells in the abdomen. Now, a fat loss treatment that also builds muscles – that is certainly a bonus and a win. 

Are There any Side-Effects of EMSHAPE?

There are no side effects of this treatment. However, after a session of EMSHAPE, a person feels the same soreness that one gets after a strenuous workout. It is the best non surgical fat removal from stomach treatment and does not hamper one’s health or lifestyle in any way. The client can continue with daily activities after the session. 

For best results, the skin doctors/dermatologists at Clinic Dermatech recommend a minimum of 4-6 sessions with two sessions every week of EMSHAPE. One sees a reduction in circumference of the waist and fat removal by 19 percent. 


Studies have shown that EMSHAPE is a safe procedure and is FDA-approved. It is a two-in-one fat loss treatment that also helps in gaining muscle. 

EMSHAPE is also worth considering if a person has worked hard to bust the belly bulge and tried eating right but it seems that nothing is working. Also, the body has pockets of fat due to hormonal changes and ageing which do not respond to exercise and diets. 

The fat removal leads to enhanced appearance with improved muscle tone. EMSHAPE not only reduces fat but also builds muscle which cannot be done by any other method. 

EMSHAPE – The Last Word in Muscle Building and Fat Loss Treatment

Even with the most strenuous exercises, it is impossible to perform the hyper-maximal muscle contractions that are achievable with EMSHAPE. A 30-minute session simulates 30,000 crunches. The biggest advantage is immediate muscle building coupled with fat loss treatment. 

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