Waxing Or Laser Hair Removal In Chandigarh: Which Is Better?

Are you tired of waxing your legs every few days? Don’t worry anymore, you have reached the right place!

Men and women are getting laser hair removal in Chandigarh now more than ever to reduce excess or unwanted hair growth permanently. Waxing is a painful method for hair removal that only lasts for a few weeks. So why not invest in laser hair removal treatments in Chandigarh and worry about one less thing in your life?

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Let us walk you through some of the benefits of laser hair removal and why it is better than waxing.

1. It Helps Reduce Hair Growth

The latest technology for laser hair removal in Chandigarh clinics targets the pigment in your hair follicles with invisible laser beams and destroys it. Laser hair removal treatment is much more effective when the difference between the color of your hair and skin is pronounced. People with dark hair and light skin color are considered the best candidates for laser hair removal treatment. With access to the advanced technologies at Clinic Dermatech, this gap has been addressed. Now, people with all skin tones can be treated using single laser equipment.

Laser hair removal treatment effectively reduces hair growth, and hair that grows back is much thinner. People should also understand that permanent laser hair removal does not work for everyone. A few may still experience mild hair growth after the final session, but it is much less than before. 

2. It Involves Fewer Treatments

You have to visit your salon every two weeks for waxing. But, when it comes to laser hair removal, you only have to get multiple treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. If you want to reduce time spent in a salon, consider opting for laser hair removal. All you have to do is, wait for a few months until you see the final results. 

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3. It Involves Less Pain

Laser hair removal at Clinic Dermatech Chandigarh involves less pain compared to waxing. The only feeling you experience is tiny pinpricks. After your appointment, your skin may feel warm and nothing more. In this case, consider using cool compressors to relieve any discomfort. You may also experience temporary redness. However, with waxing, you experience more pain as it pulls out the hair by roots. It can also create burn wounds underneath your skin surface. So, if you are low on pain tolerance, avoid getting waxing. Instead, opt for the best laser hair removal in Chandigarh. 

If you are interested in checking the best laser hair removal cost in Chandigarh, contact us today. We offer customized laser hair removal services, including a free trial session to help our patients understand more about the procedure and results. 

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