3 FAQs From Experts Of Laser Hair Removal In Nirman Vihar

Laser hair removal was once a luxury for only the rich and famous. But today, it has become an integral part of every skin enthusiast’s self-care and hygienic maintenance. As a result, many businesses are offering permanent laser hair removal in Nirman ViharAnd that is why it can be overwhelming to find the best place that is right for you! 

At Clinic Dermatech, we employ the most advanced, FDA-approved laser available on the market. The energy from lasers is so powerful that it will burn your hair follicle and therefore you will not experience hair growth anytime soon. However, this doesn’t mean you never get another hair growth. Lasers only target hair follicles that are actively growing. Some hair follicles can be dormant for a month or even a few years. They may also activate when you have a hormonal change in your body such as pregnancy, menopause, puberty, etc. 

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1. What are the factors affecting laser hair removal results?

1. Skin type: Triple Wave Laser technology at Clinic Dermatech is an amalgamation of the three top lasers and is hence capable of treating all hair and skin types. However, the lighter your skin colour, the fewer treatments you will need. 

2. Hair type: Your hair must have some colour. Light brown to black hair responds best to laser hair removal. The laser technology does not recognise blonde or grey hair and hence is ineffective in such cases.

3. Area being lasered: Fine hair on the face can take a long time to treat compared to coarse hair such as those on the underarms.

4. Individual goals: if you do not want to see much hair left in a specific area, you will need more than six laser hair removal treatments. However, if you are fine with a few hairs that grow at intervals but are soft and fine, then six sessions of laser hair removal may be enough for you. 

2. Are you a good candidate for laser hair removal in Nirman Vihar? 

Laser hair removal treatment In Nirman Vihar at Clinic Dermatech can be done on any skin type and anywhere on the body. The minimum number of laser sessions that anyone requires is 6 to 8 because we know, biologically, everyone has three different types of hair growth patterns. Only a small population has to go beyond six sessions of laser hair removal treatment.

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3. Do you have more questions about laser hair removal treatment at Clinic Dermatech Nirman Vihar ? 

If you want to know more about our laser hair removal treatment in Nirman Vihar or determine whether or not you are a good candidate for it, get in touch with our skin experts by scheduling a consultation.

We also offer a free trial session of laser hair removal to make our patients understand more about our techniques and results.

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