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There are certain parts of our body where hair is not desired, yet unfortunately, grows, and causes a lot of hassle. Hence bringing to you the best way to deal with it – laser hair removal, the most effective and pain-free way to get rid of facial and body hair permanently. The method is quite convenient and rather fascinating which, when used for a prolonged period, gets you the hair-free smooth skin that you have always wanted. At the same time, it gives you relief from the troubles of repeated shaving like strawberry legs, ingrown hair, and razor burns, along with the long-term side effects of waxing like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and saggy skin. 

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 With the permanent laser hair removal technique practiced by Clinic Dermatech, hair can be removed safely and forever.

What Is Laser Hair Reduction And How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is a process wherein pluses from the laser energy are utilised to extract hair as well as to deactivate the hair follicle to obliterate its regrowth. Hence, it helps to permanently remove it from your skin making it smoother, brighter and more manageable. 

Laser hair removal with Triple Wave Technologyis the latest innovation for treating excessive facial and body hair growth without sharp razors or painful wax strips. These methods might show some overwhelming short-term results but they also work as a catalyst for damaged skin and ingrown hair. Well, the good news is laser hair removal also targets all those stubborn ingrown hair that causes irritation and redness making you irritable and frustrated each morning. 

Laser hair reduction works equally on all skin and hair types, and with just 4-6 monthly sessions at your nearby laser hair removal Clinic Dermatech you can start gazing upon your stunning skin and be confident in any dress.

Now coming to different stages of hair growth and how a laser works on them. Every hair follicle grows in three different stages, firstly the active growth or Anagen phase, secondly the regressive or Catagen phase and lastly the resting or Telogen phase. The laser hair removal technique works best when the hair is actively growing as it contains the most amount of melanin, the substance which is targeted by the pulses of the laser, removing it permanently. One full course of treatment assures up to 85% hair growth reduction.

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Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic Near Me

The answer to this question is simpler than ever. Clinic Dermatech provides the country’s best laser treatments through their trained practitioners and procedures developed after more than 16 years of experience on Indian skin.The brand aims to help individuals become their best selves by providing them with result-oriented therapies that effectively address their concerns. 

Just as the process of laser hair removal works permanently, Clinic Dermatech also wins over your loyalty so you can place your trust in them to fulfill your skin and hair goals.

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