Weight loss treatment

Belly fat is the last thing anyone would want. Not only does it impact the way you look, but it also increases the risk of developing life-threatening problems, including heart diseases. But what if there were a safe and effective way to get rid of belly fat quickly without undergoing surgery and eventually improving your appearance and preventing the onset of health problems?

Fortunately, experts at Clinic Dermatech have figured it all out and the great thing is that they did not come up with just one but four ways to promote fat reduction.

All four ways together, in conjunction with a balanced weight diet plan and an active lifestyle, can help you lose your stubborn belly fat and offer you lasting results that can easily be maintained with slight lifestyle changes. 

Good news is that none of the ways requires you to go under the knife or burn a hole in your pocket.  

Let’s look at the four ways that weight loss treatment experts at Clinic Dermatech suggest for losing belly fat quickly:

CD- Tone & Tighten

Tone & Tighten is a non-invasive body sculpting technique that is often considered a safe and painless alternative to surgical fat-loss procedures.

This weight-loss treatment uses cutting-edge Bipolar and Galvanic technology to promote lymphatic drainage and improve blood flow through the blood vessels which stimulates fat loss. Not just that, but it also helps enhance your skin tone and texture. It does so by using the principle of ultrasonic cavitation to target cellulite to promote firm and smooth skin. 

CD- iLipo

CD iLipo is the most advanced non-invasive laser lipolysis that helps you lose unwanted fat from the first session itself. 

This treatment uses low-level lasers to target and shrink adipose tissues, which allows you to see an immediate fat reduction and a more toned body with no pain and side effects. 

For someone looking to shed a few pounds off their waist or love handles within a matter of hours while being on the safe side, CD iLipo is the perfect weight-loss treatment.

CD- Ultra

CD Ultra is based on an effective High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound technology. It’s a non-invasive weight-loss treatment that uses targeted ultrasound waves to deliver heat deep down the skin to the accumulated fatty tissue. This results in the breaking down of fat cells while promoting skin tightening. 

One of the major benefits of CD Ultra is that it enables you to target specific areas where fat accumulation is most visible, which means spot fat reduction is no longer a myth. Plus, it doesn’t impact the outer layer of the skin in any way. 


CryoSculpting has gained immense popularity over the years, emerging as the world leader in non-invasive, painless body contouring and weight-loss treatment. 

This treatment works on computer-controlled cooling technology that essentially freezes fat cells in the body to eliminate them naturally. It is incredibly effective in reducing fat from areas such as love handles, upper arms, stomach, buttocks, and back.  If you are looking for a non-surgical tummy tuck, Clinic Dermatech has the right weight-loss treatment for you. Please get in touch with us to know more about fat reduction treatment. Call on 8905320330 to book an appointment with experts.

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