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The plight of men/women and fat is the stuff of legend. It is not surprising to hear that almost every person wants to tweak one or another part of their body due to excess body fat storage. The excess fat is stored and commonly visible in the areas like the waistline, arms, butt and thighs. These are “trouble spots” of the body where excess fat is hard to remove via exercise and a low fat diet. 

Reducing body fat via these measures does bring the desired results but after 3-4 months. Those people, who are looking for a faster solution can opt for a non-surgical and safe option like spot fat reduction. The treatment aims at reducing body fat from various areas of the body, and improving body contour non-surgically. It is an advanced fat reduction treatment that shows the desired results safely and without causing any pain.

The spot fat reduction treatment includes hosts of techniques. Based on the body part, the experts recommend and decide which technology can show the desired results. Before moving on to the different treatments for fat bulges, let’s take a quick overview where this treatment gives the best results.

Double Chin Reduction

Also known as submental fat, the double chin is a condition in which an additional layer of fat forms below the chin. It is a condition caused due to ageing, weight gain issues or hormonal imbalances and genes as well. Usually, facial exercises and eating weight loss diet is the primary course of treatment for double chin reduction. However, when these treatments do not show the desired results, people often look for advanced non-surgical measures.

Upper Arm Fat Reduction

Losing skin laxity due to ageing is a natural phenomenon. Both men and women lose collagen with an increase in age and that gives a droopy look to various body parts including upper arms. It is an uphill task to reduce the stored body fat on the upper arms from diet and exercises. Those people who want instant results, and can comfortably afford it can consider advanced ultrasound and radio-frequency treatment as an effective upper arm fat reduction treatment.

Love Handles

Love Handles are those areas of skin extending outwards from the hips. It indicates excess fat accumulation around the abdominal area and the hips. Some of the common factors that increase the likelihood of retaining fat around the hip area are lack of physical activity, hormones, age, underlying medical condition, etc. With temperature-based fat reduction treatment like Cryosculpting (which uses subdermal fat freezing technology), it becomes easy to eliminate fat around the hips, waist, back,  and abdomen which usually leads to back fat and love handles.

Overview of Spot Fat Reduction Treatments

Now, let’s take a brief overview of different kinds of spot fat reduction treatments, and which treatment is ideal for which area of the body.

CryoSculpting – Fat Freezing Non-Invasive Technology

It is a modern non-invasive technology aimed at giving respite from excess and stubborn body fat in the most painless manner. Also available as Cool Sculpting or Fat Freezing, it uses computer-controlled cooling technology for dismantling fat cells, and thus reduces fat pockets. During the process, a cupped device is placed for transmitting low temperature at the targeted area which results in freezing fat cells and destroying them. It is a safe procedure that does not cause any harm to tissues and nearby skin when properly administered. CryoSculpting is an FDA-approved treatment for upper arm fat reduction.

Some other important facts of the CryoSculpting procedure are:

1 . It is an ideal technique for those patients who want to get rid of excess fat comfortably, with ease and without surgery or needles. 

2 . The treatment duration lasts for less than an hour.

3 . Patients may experience temporary side-effects like mild swelling, redness, discomfort, pain, etc. These side-effects tend to go away in two-three days.

4 . A patient needs to take multiple sittings to get the desired results. Noticeable results are easy to witness after 2-3 months.

CD-iLipo – Laser Lipolysis 

CD-iLipo is the latest non-invasive body contouring treatment that helps in reducing body fat and tightening the skin. It is also known by other names like low-level laser therapy. The CD-iLipo uses a laser for breaking down the fat cells of the body and patients will experience noticeable changes in the body from the first session only. 

CD-iLipo is a safe and effective laser lipolysis treatment for love handles and double chin reduction which offers the following benefits:

  •  No downtime with no risk of infection.
  • Instant, measurable results in inch loss 
  •  Risk of scarring is nil.

CD-iLipo is one of the most popular fat reducing body procedures performed in reputed body and skincare clinics by experienced professionals. To know whether one is suitable for CD-iLipo spot fat reduction treatment, it is necessary to seek an expert opinion from a specialist and discuss your case in detail.

CD-Ultra – unique HiFu treatment

CD-Ultra is a skin tightening and body contouring procedure aimed at rejuvenating facial and neck skin. It uses the popular non-surgical body contouring technology, HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Other areas of the body can also be targeted with good results.

CD-Ultra is an ultrasound-based fat reduction technique using highly focused sonic waves for breaking the fat cells of the targeted area. The ultrasound energy enters into the skin, creates rapid pressure changes and breaks down the fat cells without causing any harm to the surrounding tissues. It is an FDA approved and non-invasive treatment, therefore, has no downtime and causes minimal pain and discomfort. Typically, a person needs to take multiple sessions for getting the desired results. There should be a gap of 2 weeks between two sittings. Within 3 months, patients experience the desired results. HIFU or CD-Ultra shows permanent results when the body weight is maintained post-treatment.

Besides double chin removal, CD-Ultra is the best non-invasive treatment for reducing sagging skin from the face and abdomen, wrinkles from the neck, etc.

Safety of Spot Fat Reduction Treatments

All these fat reduction treatments at Clinic Dermatech are safe, and show the desired results when done under the supervision of an experienced and professional body shaping expert. Moreover, it is necessary to plan an initial consultation with the fat reduction experts to know whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. 

The results and risks may vary from an individual to an individual. Thus, it is strictly advisable to visit a reputed skin and body care clinic in metro cities of India like New Delhi, to seek an appointment and get a complete idea about the success rate and risk involved with these treatments. A reputed and professional skin specialist will give a crystal-clear idea about the success rate of different kinds of spot fat reduction treatments in your case along with the cost involved. 

So, turn towards non-surgical body contouring procedures to get rid of double chin, upper arm fat and love handles.

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