Everyone wants to talk about these days is lifts, implants and injections and not to forget Botox and face fillers. Theres a lot of buzz around surgical and non-surgical treatments on how to get the perfect look in life. But in the age where sharing about the cosmetic surgeries and treatments have become the new trend, why are we not discuss about breast augmentation?


Though doctors are seeing a rise among patients requesting for non-invasive methods, breast augmentation are still considered one of the most common surgical operations, according to the research made by plastic surgeons. This means that women are still approaching surgeons requesting larger breast. But again, the doctors have noticed a percentage of women wanting smaller implant sizes with the most genuine look and natural finish. That means more full-size B cup and C-cups are in fashion than double Ds. While discussing about breast augmentation surgery with one a veteran surgeon from Clinic Dermatech, he explained, I have always had female patients want more natural look and they avoid looking too huge. Women are getting augmentation in their later teens and they want them to look like as they have grown it naturally.

But the implants havent been socially accepted for their legitimacy. However, with the development of technologies and innovations in the field of breast augmentation surgery the results are guaranteed than ever before. The latest implants never look artificial, they are more natural, and hurt a lot less than they did before. Today, more women seek implants just to balance their body shape, not to make any part more dominating.


There may be some who have lost volume post-delivery and want to restore their previous size and shape. They may want to avoid breast sagginess and want a significant change in their clothes and lifestyle. Many people feel those large breasts are a burden that restricts them to wear anything and would prefer smaller implants for more active and fit look.

Again, there are ladies who seek for the best clinic to have breast enlargement in Delhi. Clinic Dermatech brings the best treatment that will help them to achieve their desired shape and size. We would like to let you know that breast augmentation does not correct drooping breasts. For this we recommend a breast lift along with a breast augmentation for severely sagging breasts to look fuller and lifted. What we basically do is we try to understand our patient’s lifestyle, and help guide them through changes to help them boost their self-confidence.

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