Have you ever looked at the old black-and-white family photos and wondered how slim and trim our parents and grandparents or even great-grandparents looked?

Have you ever compared those pictures with yours at that age?

It didn’t matter whether they were 17 or 32 or whatever age. They certainly looked better than you. And slimmer…and leaner…and fitter.

Yes, they did a lot more manual work back then and used to walk a lot more than we did. And had a lot less food variety than we do.

Lifestyle and Fat

But yes, today you are facing a lot more pressure and stress than what the earlier generations did. Pressure to perform well. Pressure to stay ahead. Pressure to maintain a lifestyle. Pressure to look good. Pressure to stay healthy.

All this pressure and stress, compounded with a topsy-turvy lifestyle and chemical-laden food is also responsible for the mounting fat deposits in your body. So, in such a scenario, many people like you are getting fat and fatter and even exercise is not helping them to get back in shape. Don’t you wish you could just melt fat away? Well, you must have heard of melt-fat-away-pills but one doesn’t know what is in them or whether they are safe for the body.

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What is Body contouring?

Body Contouring offers to shape your body in areas which have fat deposits. It helps to burn out the unwanted fat and which otherwise does not disappear even after following a proper diet and exercise regime. This is one of the most successful methods to achieve the perfect body as you might have pictured. This procedure involves spot fat loss treatments in even the most stubborn places on your body like the hips and thighs for women and stomach area for the men. It is an easy melt fat procedure available for you.

What Can Body Treatment Contouring Do To Help You Achieve The Perfect Body?

Body contouring refers to basically every procedure that helps remove excess skin or fat in difficult areas. It has different procedures and treatments to follow that helps burn the fat either by tightening skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite or in some other way. There are many ways to contour your body safely and the treatment does not require to be risky or a painful surgery. One can melt fat away naturally.

Clinic Dermatech and Body Shaping or Body Contouring

Body shaping is one of the prime services offered by Clinic Dermatech, one of India’s leading and most recognized skin and beauty care clinics that offers an upscale service to its clients.

Whether you are looking to tighten your body, reduce fat, eliminate cellulite or lose weight in the stubborn areas, body contouring service is just for you. Once you try the treatment, it will be the final step that will help you get the perfect beach body you aspired for. You shouldn’t worry about the fat melting procedure cost as Clinic Dermatech offers the best solutions at the best prices, keeping your convenience and privacy in mind.

Body Contouring treatments offered at Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech offers four primary non-invasive contouring processes that can help people tighten and tone their body. Here’s how to melt body fat fast.


Cryosculpting is a non-surgical contouring treatment from Germany where stubborn fat is subjected to freezing temperatures. This causes the fat cells to die whose elimination from the body is assisted by a various massage. There are no needles, no supplements, no surgery and no downtime. You can resume work or play, immediately after the session. Just freeze your fat away with Cryosculpting.


Beautytek is available exclusively with Clinic Dermatech in India and is a revolution in beauty and body treatments. This German system works with micro-currents on acupuncture points. It’s computerized system analyses the body area that is to be treated and diagnoses the physiological conditions and requirements before the start of the treatment.

Radio Frequency (Bipolar) Therapy

In Radio Frequency treatments, the body area under treatment is subjected to high frequency electromagnetic waves. When combined with infrared light and delivered to the skin through a precise thermal heating mechanism, bipolar radio frequency and vacuum pulsed negative pressure, it reduces the fat cells of the area and thus aids in body sculpting. You can melt fat away with laser, in a manner of speaking.

Ultrasonic Cavitation & Galvanic therapy

In cavitation treatment, low frequency ultrasound waves are given to the body area under treatment, which damages the fat cells and causes them to be eliminated from the body naturally. The main objective of galvanic therapy is to disperse fluid retention, stimulate blood circulation and encourage drainage. It leads to weight reduction.

Benefits of Body Contouring Treatments at Clinic Dermatech

Body contouring

  1. The machines used for this processes can provide an effective treatment without the expense or risks involved with similar surgical treatments.
  2.     Also the machines for these contouring have the benefit of a much shorter recovery time, so you can show off your perfect body almost immediately after the treatment.
  3. The non-invasive treatments are more effective in skin tightening to get you the taught and trim body you desire.
  4. It helps to reduce fat in difficult or stubborn areas but your skin will look natural after the treatments.
  5. You can melt fat and tighten skin with these procedures, being done either individually or in combination.

Though cosmetic surgeries are not covered by medical insurance, the cost difference between a surgical procedure and a non-invasive body contouring machine is exorbitant. These treatments on the latest scientific machines can accomplish the same goals without the adverse risk of surgery instead of resorting to a surgical procedure.

Why choose Clinic Dermatech for Body Shaping

Clinic Dermatech is one of India’s leading and most recognized skin and beauty care clinics and offers an upscale service to its clients. Continuing its efforts towards empowering men and women to lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive, Clinic Dermatech is also introduced Aesthetic Surgery at select centers.

Clinic Dermatech has many milestones to its name, a feat that has been achieved over the years owing to a definitive service approach and esteemed clientele. Clinic Dermatech has performed over 6,00,000 sessions of body shaping, 7,00,000 sessions of skin care management, and 10,00,000 session of laser hair reduction; numbers that testify superior services with excellent service levels.

Clinic Dermatech has branches in 6 cities in India namely, New Delhi (6 locations: Defence Colony, Greater Kailash Part II, Model Town II, Preet Vihar, Rajouri Garden, Safdarjung Enclave ), Gurugram, NOIDA, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

For more details, call 8905320330 (Delhi NCR) or 8430150151 (Mumbai) or visit www.clinicdermatech.com.


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