“The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

—     Samuel Johnson

If you wake up in the mornings with ruffled and lackluster hair, then its time you took your bad hair habits into account. These habits can vary from combing wet hair, nail biting, or from twisting playing with your hair when in puzzled mood to name a few.

The dictionary defines ‘Habits’ as patterns of behavior acquired through frequent repetition. Habits are closely associated to our routine that we follow in our daily tasks, knowingly or unknowningly. The unfortunate bit is that most of the times these habits turn out to be bad.

Are You Risking Your Hair Due To Bad Habits?

In general, everyone is inclined to bad habits. We have a tendency to follow what we are told by others and ignore the facts about hair related issues.

Following are some of the bad hair habits that may leave you surprised.

Brushing wet hair— Your hair is in the weakest state when it is wet. Brushing, combing or styling may lead to broken hair strands. Avoid it!

Scrunching— Scrunching your hair may rough up the cuticles that may result in frizzy and dry hair. If your hair has a hint of waviness, dry them using a piece of cloth over your hands to avoid extra frizz.

Sudsing— People associate ‘Sudsing’or ‘foaming’ of the shampoo with cleanness. What many of us don’t realize is that these shampoos are created with some of the harshest ingredients of such as sulfates. So, it is best that you avoid it. just add water to build lather instead of using excessive shampoo.

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Spritzing— The hair sprays that you use to keep your locks at the right place are mostly made up of alcohol. It leaves your hair dry in the long run. Opt for hair moisturizing products instead.

Hot Water Showers— Hot water dehydrates your strands. So avoid super-hot water shower and use protective hair oils.

Just a little attention to detail can help keep your hair healthy for years to come. Do ensure to steer clear of these bad hair habits from now on.

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Thus, as the Yiddish Proverbsays, Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.

Unlearn them now!

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