Starting your year with resolutions like “Will shed 10 Kgs” or “Will work out everyday” or even “Will take my Yoga classes seriously” or any other New Year resolution, has now become a mandate in our lives. But how many of us stick stringently to these rules and regulations that we frame to achieve our ‘Dream Body’? As time passes by, we become busy in our daily humdrum routine and tend to forget about any such resolutions.

What is to be blamed- our hard-to-change daily routine or the commitment made towards our own body? Else can we blame the current festive season full of tempting dishes?

Wherever we go; to party, to corporate functions or to a festival celebration, we happen to break the rules of our own mission statement that we create after a rigorous deep analysis of oneself. But before planning our daily routine we miss the importance our basic requirements, we tend to skip our habits and addictions too.


The key to live a healthy and a youthful life lies under minor precautions to be taken care of in our daily life. It can easily be done via choosing a balanced dietary plan and avoiding few things as well as addictions.
Here are the few things that may cause an adverse affect on your skin, making it dull;



It is an important ingredient that directly controls our blood-glucose levels. The excess of it increases the advanced glycation-end products formation. It interferes with the repair of elastin and collagen which are crucial proteins to resume the shape of the skin after stretching or contracting. This interference makes the skin look dull.


It is not just a promoter of the heart disease; the saturated fats are also responsible for dull skin.
The saturated fats of marbled meats or full-fat dairy products may contain agents that make your skin look older. It actually induces high skin-aging inflammation when its consumption rate is higher, according to the expert dermatologists.


Last but not the least, Alcohol, being a reason of dehydration, causes adverse effects to your skin’s glow. It creates free radicals after the liver metabolizes alcohol which is an enemy of firm, youthful, shining skin causing skin dryness, taut and lined texture.


It is not that we have to restrict ourselves for these things but we can choose the supplements such as LOW-FAT DAIRY products (good source of vitamin A), GREEN TEA (a rich source of poly-phenols, antioxidants to avoid the over-use of it and for a younger healthy skin.


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