CryoScultping at Clinic Dermatech is a second generation Cryolipolysis technique from Germany, that is a popular non-surgical body shaping procedure in Delhi NCR. It is done by externally freezing stubborn fat pockets, wherein the fat is subsequently eliminated from the body naturally. Interestingly, there is no use of needles and the client doesn’t need to shift to a special diet or supplements. This non-surgical treatment procedure is also known for having no downtime. It is performed with the use of computer-controlled cooling technology that endows with a targeted and painless treatment, thus accounting for its increasing popularity day after day.

Reduce Fat Successfully by Freezing It to Minimum Level


There is no denying the fact that CryoSculpting technology is gaining momentum as the go-to-method for fat loss as it safely delivers accurately controlled cooling in a targeted manner to the fat cells below the skin. At the same time, this fat-freeing does not affect the skin or any other tissues in any adverse manner, other than the adipose layer. This is the main advantage of cryosculpting and the prime reason for its increasing demand at Clinic Dermatech. The treated fat cells when subjected to sub-zero freezing temperatures, die. Once eliminated from the body, the bulge of fat also disappears and your body has more sculpted form. This is most suitable for stomach fat, back roll and upper arm bulges.

Simple and Painless Non-Surgical Process That Works on Butter Equivalence

In Delhi NCR, Cryosculpting as the for inch-loss and fat-loss can best be explained as working on the equivalentce principle as freezing butter. It starts with fat freezing at a lower temperature in comparison to other water-containing cells. In simple words, the technology is totally dependent on the refrigerator cooling technology. When fat becomes hard and rigid, it is removed through Cryosculpting applicator. It happens because of the lipid molecules within the fat cells crystallize.

How Does Cryosculpting Technology Works to Reduce Fat?


  • It starts with freezing the body bulge or the fat pocket by placing the overlying skin between two cooling metal plates.
  • After the treatment, fat cells enter the apoptotic death sequence and the treated area is massaged vigorously to enable the elimination of the dead fat cells by the body. The body slowly flushes out the fat cells over a time period of few weeks after the cryosculpting session.
  • In a further procedure, lipids in fat crystallize at a warmer temperature in comparison to water in other cell types.
  • In this way, the thickness of the fat layer is significantly reduced without any side effect or spending more time in hospitals.

Clinic Dermatech – A One Stop Clinic for Cryosculpting in Delhi NCR

You may find a number of reputed clinics that claim to offer successful fat-reducing non-surgical procedures but we suggest that you check out their machines to ensure that you are being offered the latest and most advanced technology. Clinic Dermatech is a well-established, licensed and a reliable clinic that offers you complete solutions to reduce your fat fast and in a successful way. You have to schedule an appointment according to your requirement and leave rest of the work on experts working here.


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