Hair removal is one of the most tedious activities that every girl has to go through every fortnight.

Speak to any girl and woman and they all will share tales of the itching, redness and ingrown hair from the endless waxing sessions, to those nicks, cuts,and bumps after using razors, to the dark patches which arise from using hair removal creams and of course the killer pain, it needs to stop. All of us uses different sorts of things like oil, massage, and lotions to get rid of that pain and redness but does it really work? Aren’t you tired and exhausted with all wish and wish that a fairy godmother would come and take away all this pain with a wave of the magic wand?


Clinic Dermatech, India’s leading beauty and skin care chain, offers Hair Reduction using advanced laser technology. A gentle laser light targets the hair follicles to reduce your body hair from the roots.This technology is medically approved and is absolutely safe for the skin.

Laser hair removal works best because it lessens the pain to a bare minimum, and works best on a combination of light skin and dark hair. Almost, eyebrows or any other hair near your eyes is a no go, but the rest of your bodacious wonderland is fair game. The laser beam passes harmlessly through the skin and is absorbed by a pigment called melanin found in the hair follicle. In this process, the heat of the laser destroys the root of the follicle to a large extent, thus prevents the growth. It can also reduce up to around 90% of the hair in the area it is used.


The pain factor with Laser Hair Reduction is bare minimum but if don’t wait too long between subsequent sessions.Laser Hair Reduction depends on a variety of factors like skin type, length of body hair, stage of hair growth amongst others. Thus, stick to the schedule discussed with your professional which usually is 6 weeks between treatments. The laser beam goes only till the level of the hair roots, which is very superficial. It is 100% safe, there are no side effects and it does not harm the internal organs.

Clinic Dermatech prides itself in using only US-FDA approved laser technology equipment that is imported from the USA.

So, if you are working towards a Big Day Appearance whether it is a get-together or a holiday or any other occasion, remember to start early. Miracles don’t happen in a day or a week. Schedule your Free Consultation with the counsellors and experts at Clinic Dermatech today.


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