Emshape: Muscle Building Fat Loss Procedure

Based on HIPEM technology, Emshape is a new device in body contouring. It is an FDA-approved device that burns fat and builds muscle mass. The device helps contract muscles that aren’t possible with regular workouts and diet. It offers better muscle tone and enhances the fat reduction process. 

The processworks by directing focused electromagnetic energy to the concerned area forcing the muscles to contract and relax for as many as 30,000 times a minute. An average person can work their muscles only to 30-35% of their capacity and only for a fraction of a second. Furthermore, the muscles reconstruct themselves, and the fat cells get eliminated in the area. 

What Is The Recovery Of Emshape?

This non-surgical fat loss treatment is non-invasive and does not require any recovery time. It is one of the best options for people as they do not have to prepare for it or follow any post-care plan. Some people undergoing this inch-loss treatment may experience mild soreness but not feel anything as intense as they would feel while performing a regular workout. 

Does Emshape Hurt?

Absolutely not! Emshape is one of the best inch-loss treatments that does not cause pain or discomfort. Most people usually feel a pulling sensation while undergoing this treatment. At Clinic Dermatech, our treatment specialists have total control of the intensity of the treatment. As a result, all our patients are treated at a level at which they feel comfortable. 

When Do Emshape Results Start Showing Up?

Most people start experiencing visible results immediately after the treatment. The initial changes are minor, such as picture improvements. However, some people experience visible results even after months of treatment and sustain results with a maintenance plan. Various clinical studies have also shown that the results of this inch-loss treatment can continue to improve for up to six months. 

How Long Do The Results Last?

 Most people can expect to keep their results for up to one year. However, it is recommended that you keep these results steady by following a healthy lifestyle of exercise and diet. 

What Is Emshape Treatment Like?

At the first appointment of this body-shaping treatment, patients will have photos of the treatment area taken so that our skin specialists can benchmark the progress. At Clinic Dermatech, we have specialized treatment rooms equipped with all the essentials to make your experience more comfortable. Next, this body-shaping procedure starts by securing the applicator to the treatment area. Each treatment takes 30 minutes to induce 30,000 muscle contractions. 

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