“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” ― Simone de Beauvoir

Having a perfect body is not easy. And although every individual strives to achieve it, very few are actually able to accomplish this aim. As a quick fix for looking good, some of us use heavy make-up, get our photos retouched, and use softwares and tools to look fabulous in our social media profile pictures. At the same time, many of us also go to the gym and attend yoga and aerobics classes but still fall short of achieving the objective of getting into shape.

Weight loss and Body shaping

Before you strain yourself in the gym or go on a diet suggested by a friend, it is good to know certain facts about Body Shaping:

•    Losing fat at a faster rate i.e. two pounds a week is disastrous as it may result in muscle loss and loss of water content in your body. Both of these are important component so it’s not the right way to get in shape.

•    Weight-loss is possible with the help calorie reduction techniques. It’s just one simple and straight forward rule to follow. It may lead to calorie deficit (the difference of the amount of calorie you consume and burn) by using stored fat of your body for energy.

•    When calorie deficit is large, your body starts burning muscle tissue for energy which will result in less fat burning capacity.

Non surgical Body shaping delhi

Every woman wants a fit and well-defined body-shape. To achieve that, you need to shed the extra fat from body areas like the bottom, thighs, tummy and lower back. Apart from these, there are regions like your soft, feminine arms which need to be well toned as well. But before you start working on shedding weight, it is essential to take an expert’s advise and guidance to understand your body type in a better way the pros and cons of the different exercises for your body.

We, at Clinic Dermatch, excel in 360 degree science for body shaping and offer you a comprehensive program for body-shaping. Our team of professionals understand your body shaping requirements starting from guiding you about losing weight to offering you the most advanced non-invasive and non-surgical treatments. These result-oriented body shaping programs are strongly supported by your customized needs and supplemented with nutritional guidelines beneficial for your body.

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