Extreme diets lead to extreme disappointments and can even wreak havoc on your health in the long run.

Rather than putting yourself through mentally exhausting crash diets, it is better to focus on changing your habits for the better. A few minor tweaks in regular habits can turn out to be more effective than the sudden resolve to stick to a harsh diet regime and then plunging into the guilt of falling flat. But the question is, why put yourself through the agony when you can lose some inches naturally by simply changing your ways?

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So here are 7 eating and drinking habits that can prove to do wonders for your body. Check them out:

1. Never Skip Meals

Contrary to what you might believe, skipping meals actually does more harm than good. Missing out on meals can lead to a drop in blood sugar level, which results in increased cravings.

2. Make Your Diet Protein-rich

Any weight loss journey is incomplete without protein, as it is not only essential for the body but actually aids the weight loss process. Protein-rich meals make you feel full, help in building muscles and cut fat.

3. Count Yourcalories

The best way to loose weight is to keep a check on the number of calories you are consuming per day. As a calorie deficit diet leads to weight loss, planning out your calorie intake can definitely help you further your goal.

4. Drink More Water

Not only is water essential to keep you well hydrated, it also improves metabolism. Moreover, having water before every meal suppresses the appetite, which acts as an excellent hack for losing weight naturally.

5. Include Good Fats In Your Diet

Don’t let ‘fats’ become a forbidden word when you are on a mission to lose weight. Instead, add good fats in your diet as they are beneficial for the heart and keep you full.

6. Snack On

Although snacking is infamous for adding unwanted weight, but it can actually prove otherwise. Healthy snacking not only keeps your food cravings at bay but also keeps the blood sugar levels in check.

7. Switch to Green Tea

Green tea is best adopted as a replacement to other hot beverages as it is actually known to help reduce belly fat. Having a few cups of of green tea in a day keeps the body clear of toxins, thus contributing in weight loss.

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Although a strict diet might give you instant results but its effects don’t last long. Try adapting these healthy habits in your daily eating and a healthier, leaner body won’t be far away!

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