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“How did you do it?!” This is the obvious question asked by people when someone loses a lot of weight. It’s a great accomplishment to lose shed half of your body weight, but the real wonder is in how you maintain it off for a decade. The secret is to do the healthy thing, eating well and being kind to yourself. What is important is persistence and not perfection. Getting back up when you fall, over and over again. Everyone wants to know the fastest way to lose weight. 

Losing weight is never an easy task. Whether you want to get rid of unwanted fat from thighs or abdomen, the localized fat deposited over these body parts is not easily removable. Besides thighs and abdomen, bulging along the flanks and back, hips, arms, double chin, etc., are some areas of the body where excess fat commonly deposited. The deposition of excess fat takes place due to a variety of reasons varying from age, hormonal imbalance, underlying medical condition, pregnancy, etc.

It is not surprising to see if you start with weight loss treatments by following a strict weight loss diet and doing exercises. But do you think these measures will show instant results? The answer is NO. These traditional weight loss ways will reduce the fat gradually and show the desired results in more than three months or so. If you are looking for the fastest ways to lose weight, you need to rely on surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Surgical Treatments for Weight Loss

Talking about surgical measures, liposuction is one of the best and effective ways to reduce unwanted fat from various body parts. It is one of the measures that show permanent results by removing fat from troubled areas. Unlike other weight loss programs, it shows the desired results in one session only and along with fat-loss, it is the fastest way to lose weight, (though the jury is still out on that point.) 

Liposuction: It is an invasive surgery of using a suction technique for removing the unwanted fat from specific areas of the body including hips, abdomen and thighs. This surgical procedure also improves and streamlines body contours most safely. “Lipoplasty” and “suction lipectomy” are some other names of the procedure. It is well as an easy way to reduce abdominal bulges or lose belly fat. 

The procedure involves cutting, stitching and anaesthetizing the targeted areas for reducing unwanted fat. A small incision is made at the targeted area for inserting a narrow and long suction tool for removing excess fat cells from the body. The entire procedure takes 1-2 hours. Patients may experience certain side-effects that usually go away with time. Though the procedure destroys fat cells permanently, following unhealthy lifestyle practices may redevelop fat in the removed area of the body. It is an expensive procedure as compared to other surgical procedures but having a high success rate. However, this procedure is not designed for those people who are suffering from any heart problems or blood clot disorders. It is treated as a weight loss program even though it is primarily a fat-loss program. 

If you do not want to go under the knife and looking for some non-surgical weight loss treatments within your budget, you can bank upon the below mentioned non-surgical and FDA approved treatments.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments

Cryosculpting: It is one weight loss program which is as popular as liposuction but in the non-invasive category. Also known as CoolSculpting or Fat-Freezing, it is a non-invasive surgical procedure that aims at removing extra fat cells from the various body parts. During this technique, extreme cold temperature is used for dismantling the fat cells and reducing a fat pocket. A panelled

device is placed on the targeted area of the body. It is used for transmitting extremely high temperature for destroying the fat cells of the body. The main advantage with liposuction is it reduces the body fat without destroying nearby tissues. You may experience skin

sensitivity or short-term bruising after the procedure that goes away within a week. It is an outpatient procedure that gets completed within an hour but it is necessary to take multiple sessions for getting the desired results after 3-4 months. It is an FDA approved

treatment for losing belly fat and unwanted fat from inner or outer thighs, upper arms, under the chin, etc. As abdominal fat is pinchable, Cryosuclpting is a good way to lose belly fat and reduce waist bulges. Because it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, therefore you will not experience any cutting, stitching or anaesthetizing. The results are permanent and

easily noticeable second session onwards.

CD-Ultra: CD-Ultra is fast gaining popularity as a non-invasive weight loss treatment amongst both males and females. This treatment is also known as HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and results in destroying the fat cells and tightening the skin area. The destroyed cells are removed from the body via a natural process. Like Cryosculpting, in CD-Ultra also you need multiple sessions for getting the desired results. The basic difference between CoolSculpting and CD-Ultra is the latter uses high-frequency ultrasound energy for targeting fat cells of the body. It is also an FDA approved procedure for reducing body fat from flanks, hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. One can easily lose belly fat with CD-Ultra and tighten the skin too at the same time so that there is no loose sagging skin. The main advantages of CD-Ultra fat reduction treatment are its firms and tighten the skin by reducing cellulite and does not cause any scar or pain.

CD-iLipo: CD-iLipo also known as Lipolysis is another weight loss program ideal for those people willing to reduce the body fat and looking for smoother and tighter skin without any surgery. It is the treatment that aims at reducing fatty tissues with the help of controlled heat of the laser beam. The laser beams are delivered to break down subcutaneous fat of the body leaving behind the tighter and smoother skin than before. It also offers the same benefits as other far removal non-surgical procedures and easy to complete in less than an hour. It helps in reducing fat bulges especially if one wishes to lose belly fat. For viewing the complete results, you need to wait for 3 months.

Which is the Right Weight Loss Program?

It is difficult to label one treatment as the best weight loss treatment. Every surgical as well as non-surgical treatment comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Some weight loss services offered by reputed clinics show the desired results in one sitting but they are expensive. Others require multiple sessions but have no downtime. So, it is advisable to plan your visit to one of the reputed body care clinics in India and speak to an expert. In general, cosmetic surgeons believe that liposuction is an ideal treatment for reducing larger fat deposits in areas like abdomen. On the other hand, non-surgical weight loss treatments are ideal for those people who want to remove fat from stubborn trouble spots and are maintaining ideal body weight and good skin elasticity.

So, the best way to choose an ideal fat reduction treatment between surgical and non-surgical measure is to seek an opinion from an experienced cosmetic surgeon. During an initial consultation, they will let you know the right treatment for you. You should start your search with a well-reputed and professional body and skincare clinic in India and seek an appointment today. Clinic Dermatech offers the best weight loss programs in India and has been awarded for the same multiple times. 

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