Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job, aims at changing the nose’s shape. The lower and upper portion of the nose is cartilage and bone. The surgery helps in changing cartilage, bone or both of them. Different people have different reasons to undergo surgery. Some people face breathing problems due to disfigurement of the nose or due to the birth defects. An aesthetical appearance is another reason for undertaking the surgery that changes the nose’s appearance and shape.

The procedure is long, therefore performed in multiple steps.

Steps Involved in Rhinoplasty Surgery              

Step 1- The patients are given either general sedation or intravenous sedation during the surgical procedure. The healthcare professional is the best person to decide which will work best.

Step 2- The surgery is performed in two ways: closed and open procedure. In the closed procedure, the place of incision is inside the nose whereas in the open surgery incisions are made across a narrow strip of tissue separating two nostrils.

Step 3- After making incisions, the skin covering cartilages and the nasal bones is raised gently and necessary corrections are made.

Step 4- Once the shape of the nose is changed, tissues and nasal skin are re-draped before closing the incisions.

Recovery after Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure; therefore, individuals who undertake surgery can go to their homes on the very same day.In very few cases, patients are advised a hospital stay for 2-3 days. Patients do experience swelling and bleeding for a few days and to reduce the discomfort, they need to sleep with their head elevated by using 2-3 pillows. Swelling and bruising of the upper lip, cheeks, nose and around the eyes is a normal occurrence. These symptoms usually go away within 7-10 days. If a patient is experiencing excessive pain, healthcare professionals recommend medications. Patients experience the exact results of the rhinoplasty after a month only though they are allowed to resume normal working activities after 2-3 weeks.

There is no denying that the nose is one of the most complicated structures of the body encompassing bone and cartilage. A minor change may affect its actual look and function both positively and negatively. So, if any person is considering rhinoplasty surgery, then it is necessary to look for an experienced surgeon.

Who is the right surgeon for rhinoplasty surgery?

ENT, facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons are best to consult if any person is considering the surgery. Clinic Dermatech boasts a team of an experienced surgeon who will evaluate the facial features and nose’s structure and based on the evaluation, he/she describes how changes in nose shape will enhance your overall appearance. Simultaneously, he will give a concrete idea about the risk and cost involved, recovery time and expectations from the surgery.

Make sure to plan a visit at such a surgeon’s clinic which is professionally trained and board-certified to perform the rhinoplasty surgeries. Moreover, check the success rate of surgeries. Making these necessary checks initially helps in finding a reputed and experienced surgeon for the rhinoplasty surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty at Clinic Dermatech:

Clinic Dermatech offers rhinoplasty surgery by leading plastic surgeons and aesthetic surgery specialists who have years of experience. All surgeries at conducted at hygienic and state-of the-art procedure rooms using the latest techniques. Post-operative care is of prime importance and regular visits are advised.