Do you have less hair on your head with every passing time?

Among the people who are bothered with this hair disorder, their hair does not get restored and little by little baldness takes place. Loss of hair and balding is a common problem these days and it is no longer uncommon that the victims are in constant search of a perfect solution to address this problem.

While there are temporary options like a wig or a cap that can help to an extent, hair transplant is a permanent solution ensures the best quality result. Hair transplant has now become the most viable means to counter the problem of baldness, considering its proven record and economic feasibility.

Escape Hair Loss Problem

Increasing hair problems in both men and women of any age have catapulted the demand for hair transplant. There are many causes of this problem and experts suggest that anxiety, stress, food habit and external exposure to pollution and sunlight are among the major causes of hair thinning. In India too, there are some quality hair transplant clinics available in cities like Delhi and Mumbai including some other major cities. For the convenience of people wanting to undergo this treatment, a popular hair transplant clinic is Clinic Dermatech, which provides tailored solutions for several hair problems. As a leading clinic, Clinic Dermatech is equipped with modern facilities and has established their excellence and worth in the field.

Total Transformation

The evolved advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment for best hair transplant are making a significant difference in surgeries today. The hair experts are restoring the hair follicular clusters in the affected baldness area seamlessly and with stunning results. ‘A real-life transformation’ is what they call, when the entire team works to restore coverage while rebuilding an excellent and natural hairline. People can see the difference from their ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs and the experts feel rewarded to see a client’s confidence revitalized.


One of the biggest factors that a client sees before considering a hair treatment is the potential cost of the treatment. Hair experts at Clinic Dermatech say that they often receive a great deal of cost-related questions, as people want answers to queries from ‘how much will the hair transplant cost?’ to ‘where is the cheapest place to get the procedure done?’


Although the procedure of transplant will remain the same for each client, every transplant is completely different. Depending on the factors like how extensive is the hair loss is and the number of grafts needed for the transplant, the overall cost of the procedure will vary from one person to another. The more grafts a patient needs, more will be the cost of the hair transplant. Thus, it is difficult to mention the exact price for the cost of a hair transplant. In the entire process, the skill of the hair experts and surgeons will play a great role.

If you would like to know the exact price of the process, the best way to find out is to book yourself in for a no-obligation consultation with Clinic Dermatech. During your consultation with the hair experts, you’ll be able to know more about the process and the charges for your individual case. The restored hairline will return a more youthful appearance to you.

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