Best Hair Transplant In Chandigarh With Permanent Results

Clinic Dermatech is offering the best hair transplant in Chandigarh, performed by expert hair surgeons. We offer excellent results without any pain, thanks to the advanced techniques used by our hair surgeons. Our hair transplants are 100% safe and result-driven. All our hair experts and surgeons are qualified from top institutes across the world and perform the entire procedure on their own.

At Clinic Dermatech, we offer the FUE method of hair transplant which is considered much safer and more effective compared to traditional methods. Our hair transplant costs are highly affordable and an excellent choice for permanent baldness.

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Let us tell you more about the details of the hair transplant in Chandigarh at Clinic Dermatech.

What are the factors influencing Hair Transplant Cost in Chandigarh?

The procedure of hair transplant

Condition of the scalp and extent of hair fall

Facilities of the clinic

Geographic location

The popularity of clinic, hair surgeon

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

It is a method of hair transplant where individual follicular units are obtained from the donor harvesting site (anywhere from the body or scalp) and one graft is planted at a time using sharp circular punches. 

Who Can Benefit from Hair Transplant in Chandigarh?

People who want to restore/change the natural shape of their hairline.

People who have experienced permanent hair loss.

People who want to restore eyelashes, beards, and eyebrows.

People who have areas of scarring resulting from skin diseases.

People who have experienced hair loss after any kind of surgery. 

What is the Procedure of FUE Hair Transplant at Clinic Dermatech?

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgery performed under local anesthesia and takes about 3-4 hours. Our hair surgeons perform the FUE hair transplant method using specialized equipment and offer excellent results with no visible scarring. The grafts are harvested from the donor area and planted into the thinning or bald area of the scalp. 

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What happens after the Hair Transplant in Chandigarh at Clinic Dermatech?

Within 24 hours of the hair transplant, small crusts form on each graft, which is shed in 2-3 weeks. The grafted hair starts growing in 2-4 months and full results are achieved in less than a year after the procedure. Some patients may also experience mild swelling around the forehead for a few days after the surgery. However, this swelling disappears in 3-4 days. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the hair surgeons following the surgery to achieve desired results. 

What is the Right Time to Start Hair Transplant Treatment in Chandigarh?

It is recommended to start the hair transplant treatment as soon as you identify the problem. We offer customized hair transplant cost in Chandigarh at Clinic Dermatech based on the previously discussed factors. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarhdo not shy away from reaching out to us. Baldness or hair thinning is common but you do not have to live your whole life being under-confident.

Get in touch with us today and gain back your confidence along with your hair. 

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Ak Land
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Bandhu Ramakrishna
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This clinic gave me me good experience. I got very good results. Thnks clinic dermatech
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madhuri madhu
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Asma Parveen
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It was a very good experience stepping in dermatech. all the staff was very good. services was excellent. Especially Nazia here, was very humble with me. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and relatives, who need any kind of skin treatments.
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pragnya star
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Sessions here are excellent with pleasant music,trained staff, good skin products. Especially the way they treat clients makes us feel comfortable...
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