After years of trying every drug, diet, supplement and procedure for hair loss, if you still notice thinning of hair, it’s easy to start believing that it is the only way forward – accepting your baldness. But there are options. From wearing hair systems (wigs) or considering advanced temple hair transplant techniques for men and other minimally invasive treatments, actual hair restoration is possible.

As the years roll by, so every man’s hairline recedes. Men begin complaining that it becomes increasingly hard to cover their balding forehead and in cases, only a swooping fringe can conceal hair loss.  For those battling any of these hair loss scenarios, hair transplant for men or hair restoration surgery is the only viable solution.

You may not be a slave to celebrity trends but it is undeniable that those who have undergone temple hair transplant have seen results. The reality is that the procedure takes time to begin to show results. It typically takes about four to six months to start to see growth and full effects of a hair transplant.

Yes, it may sound vain, but it is true that hair loss can be more than a cosmetic issue. Just ask any man who suffers male pattern baldness after he hits 20-25, it can potentially spark a lowering of one’s self-respect or even depression. Then there are medical conditions such as trichotillomania, whereby the hair loss is worsened by repeated pulling or twisting of the hair. Many individuals find themselves becoming listless and uninterested in their looks and even become careless with other aspects of their aesthetic. Many find themselves withdrawing from daily life.

Advanced Hair Transplant for Men by Top Providers

One thing is important: “research is key when it comes to hair transplant for men”. There are only a few numbers of top-class professionals that you can trust your head with and Clinic Dermatech is one such clinic.

The main consideration in this treatment is the availability of the donor’s hair, which is found at the back of the client’s head. It is crucial that the grafts from that area are taken out carefully and don’t leave visible space or thinning. However, if the process is done wrong, you are left with a poor transplant and fewer grafts. Only a professional and experienced surgeon can be trusted, who will match each client to the transplant method best suited to them, to ensure success in one shot.

Combatting Hair Loss with Temple Hair Transplant

Taking necessary action when experiencing balding and thinning of hair means finding a temple hair transplant expert that works with thinning hair. It also means integrating a healthy diet into your life – that helps to slow down hair loss and may even help in hair growth. It also means making an informed decision with the various options you have in terms of your specific kind of hair loss.

But taking action doesn’t mean accepting the situation and opting for the drastic completely-bald hair-shaven look. Never take such steps without evaluating all your options. Being bald can be your final choice, but it’s definitely not a compulsion, especially when you notice hair loss and undergo hair loss treatment at the right time. So, act smart and be a part of the kind of hair-thinning men that are proactive.

Best temple hair loss treatment

After you’ve exhausted an array of non-surgical treatments like minoxidil or PRP, the experts at Clinic Dermatech are of the opinion that the best way to permanently replace hair on your temples is through an advanced hair transplant. It is a long-lasting solution, that lets you have your own natural hair once again.

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