body lotion for winter

During winters, the cold breeze, cold temperatures and severe rays of the sun tend to make our skin look dull, dark and dry. Making the situation worse is the indoor environment which is drier because of heaters. This sucks out the moisture from your skin, that further results in loss of hydration, and inflammation. Moisture barrier is important for the skin to protect itself. This is why summer skincare protect that are lightweight are not effective during winters when the skin is drier and needs more moisture.

Body Lotion for winters

Apart from sun protection, moisturizer is the most important element of any skincare routine. The moisturizer ( Ciel Luminizing Body Butter) doesn’t just add water back into your skin, it also traps in the water you already have to pump it up and protect it.  Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. It’s not bloody and gutsy, but it’s still an organ and organs need water. Keep it soft with extra moisturizing body lotion for winter.

Ciel Luminizing Body Butter

This winter treats the dry skin with the Ciel Luminizing Body Butter which gives the skin a healthy and radiant glow. The naturally derived ingredients of this unique body butter restore skin’s elasticity, leaving it softer and more toned than before. It offers an excellent emollience for long-lasting relief from dryness nourishing shea butter, cocoa butter, orange oil and vitamin e for skin conditioning. It keeps the skin moisturized for a full 24 hours.

Face Moisturiser for winters

You may already be moisturizing your face and body, but are you using the right face moisturizer for winters rightly? Apply moisturizer as soon as you can after drying off post-cleansing or bathing to help lock in moisture; pat (don’t rub) skin dry and apply moisturizer when still a little damp

Our skin during winter months is two to three shades lighter you may want to use a tinted moisturizer on your face in order to provide it with a luminous glow. Using a tinted moisturizer in the winter can also help offset any reddening of the skin that occurs as a result of exposure to harsh winds and freezing temperatures. People with extremely dry skin sometimes find that they have difficulty using traditional foundation during the winter months because it cakes on their skin too much no matter how much they moisturize their skin. Using a substantial overnight skin cream on the face and tinted moisturizer during the day can avoid this problem. You should also remember to use a good eye cream both day and night for supreme protection.

Where can one buy Ciel products?

Just walk into your nearest Clinic Dermatech Centre of Aesthetic Excellence and pick up your favourite Ciel products and keep your skin soft and supple this winter. To know more, visit

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