how to get glowing skin, tips for glowing skin Source: Once any woman hits puberty, she expects to go through her fair share of acne, dark spots, skin scarring and lost glow. Even if the acnes are gone along with the teen age, credits to multiple pimple popping sessions which leave a lot of scars, open pores, and even dark spots. And just when you figure out how to deal with these problems and are trying to maintain its youthful glow, the signs of aging pile on the misery. In a seemingly bleak situation like this, one is often left wondering as to how it will be possible to maintain a celebrity like glow and youthful skin? Well, the answer lies in the Ciel’s Platinum skin care products by Clinic Dermatech. Platinum Eye Serum how to get glowing skin, tips for glowing skin The skin around eyes is the thinnest layer of skin, and thus the most sensitive too as compared to the skin on other body parts. One of the first concerns you generally end up having is how to remove dark circles. Using an eye cream is crucial, especially as you age, as it can, and often does, show results if used appropriately and consistently for a long enough time period. Whether you want to plump fine lines, eliminate puffiness, or correct dark circles, there’s little that the Platinum Eye Serum can’t do in an astoundingly short amount of time! Ciel’s Platinum Eye Serum works on dark circles and puffiness and minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.A thin patch applied on to the affected under eye area for up to 20 minutes shows visible results in a month. The regular use of this Platinum Eye Serum also diminishes the look of age spots and sun damaged skin. Platinum Radiance Cream how to get glowing skin, tips for glowing skin Many a times one feels that getting flawless skin and a radiant complexion will be forever out of reach, especially in today’s busy life, sedentary lifestyle and polluted environment. Let’s face it, we’ve all envied women with flawless, radiant skin and would love to know their secret. Trust us, it’s a no brainer-it’s just that great skin requires constant dedication and a right product. Platinum Radiance Cream by Ciel whitens & illuminates skin as it stops hyper-pigmentation, lifts dullness and hydrates deeply. Platinum Radiance Cream keeps your skin moisturized, smooth and even with its rich, highly fortified formula. Above all, it gives a flawless glowing look by lightening skin tone significantly and alleviating a substantialnumber of imperfections.   Now’s the time to give your skin and eyes the Platinum love they deserve. When do you plan to begin?


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