Ageing, without any doubt, is THE problematic word that no one wants to listen to or witnesses and yet it is the one natural process that everyone has to face in life!

Ageing starts the day you were born. But, while ageing doesn’t become visible until your early 40s, it might start showing effects when you are in the 30s. The tiny wrinkles that you first notice could be due to genetic or environmental factors.

Do you know that there are two types of ageing: intrinsic and extrinsic? Intrinsic ageing is your skin’s genetic predisposition to ageing while extrinsic is related to the environment like sun exposure, dust, pollution and various other variables. If you are facing the same problems or noticing changes in your skin from its tightness to wrinkles, it is vital to prevent or slow premature extrinsic ageing. The good news that with the right skin care regimen and the right anti-ageing treatment in Delhi NCR (or anywhere else), you can stay younger and have a wrinkle-free skin.

Here are a few steps that will help you prevent wrinkles in your 30s in a successful way, courtesy cosmetic dermatologists of Clinic Dermatech, North India’s Most Awarded Skincare Clinic.

Excessive Sun Exposure May Reduce the Tightness of Skin and Result in Wrinkles


There is no denying the fact that excessive sun exposure to ultraviolet rays can contribute to premature ageing. Due to excessive sun exposure, you may see some changes early in life that include wrinkles, brown or red spots, and dull skin. They may be due to other lifestyle factors too. You are advised to protect your skin from the sun by using the best quality sunscreen.

Use High-Quality Skin Creams Formulated by Using Natural Ingredients

Using good quality skin creams that are formulated by using natural ingredients is a good way to get rid of wrinkles and other ageing signs that show up in the early 30s. You will get a variety of anti-ageing skin care products. You have to choose highly effective anti-wrinkle agents. Dermatologists and professionals, who are recommending you the best anti-ageing treatments in Delhi NCR, also recommend various high-quality creams that also offer better care and protection.

Keep Skin Care Regimen Maintained

Don’t forget to implement a skin care routine. You are advised to smooth on a thin layer of serum or cream both morning and night to revitalize skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. You should gently exfoliate skin before bedtime with a moisturized skin brush or dampened washcloth to remove dead skin cells (if any) and treat dullness.

Make Some Changes in Your Routine


Making some changes in your daily life is also important. For this, don’t forget to wear hats or other protective clothing to cover up the skin at the time of going outside. Quit or have limit cigarette smoking. Add vitamins and essential minerals to your regular diet and drink plenty of water.

Find the Best Clinics for Anti-Ageing Treatment in Delhi NCR or Anywhere Else

For better care and to get rid of unwanted wrinkles in the 30s, it is best to visit reputed clinics that offer the best anti-ageing treatments in Delhi NCR. Professional and experienced dermatologists can help you deal with mature skin and its related issues with procedures like dermal fillers, Micro-dermabrasion, Chemical peels, Botox amongst others.

Clinic Dermatech Offers the Best Anti-Ageing Treatment in Delhi NCR

Clinic Dermatech is a leading skincare brand of Delhi NCR, that is known for its specialized and scientifically formulated anti-ageing treatment that are designed to help you keep away the ageing signs in the 30s. The Cosmetic Dermatologists at Clinic Dermatech are recognized as being the best in the field.

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