Combating unwanted hair can prove to be too tedious a task. Your skin has to undergo the torture of wax, razors, or tweezers, every time you want to be fuzz-free. But thanks to the recent advances in Cosmetology, we now have access to feasible techniques of getting rid of unwanted hair growth. Today, better and quick procedures to permanently banish unwanted body hair have taken the charge!


But as with anything new and unconventional, people can be sceptical about modern-day cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal. If you too are facing a similar dilemma, then read on to get better acquainted with the advanced laser hair removal technique.

Deeper Insight into Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure that permanently reduces hair growth from your body. This is done by disabling the hair follicles when they are in the “active stage,” also known as the Anagen stage. The other two stages are Regressive or the Catagen phase and the Resting or Telogen phase. Procedures, at Clinic Dermatech, take place with the help of latest equipment and advanced techniques carried out by our highly qualified experts. The techniques are customised according to the skin’s texture and medical conditions of the patient.

Once the treatment is completed, you will never come across any side effects. However, if your skin is suntanned or sunbathed, it is recommended that you undergo laser skin removal procedure only after a month.

Is laser hair removal really effective?

Undoubtedly, laser has proved to be the best permanent hair removal method for avoiding those pestering hair issues. Still wondering why laser is the most effective measure to get hair-free? Have a look at some of the benefits of undergoing laser hair removal.


Accurate: As the laser technique specifically targets the hair follicle directly, there is no chance of the surrounding skin area to get affected—which amounts to the procedure’s accuracy. Patients start feeling a difference session by session. Moreover, this laser technique holds a success rate of over 80%.

Speed: Each time the laser emits a pulse, it only takes a fraction of second. And that too it targets many hair at once. Areas like upper lip take less than a minute and larger areas like legs or back require just an hour.

Safety:Apart from being accurate and quick, this laser method is absolutely safe and reliable for the patients. Neither does it cause harm to the skin, nor gives any severe pain. However, a pinprick sensation can be felt by some people as per their skin textures.

Cost Effective: Once your journey gets started with laser hair removal, you will be able to cut all those recurring expenses that included waxing, depilatory creams and razors. Spending at one go on laser treatment would be definitely economical than those small yet recurring expenses.


Apart from being hassle-free, these laser treatments are worth investing money in. Apart from laser hair removal, Clinic Dermatech is also well-versed in providing the best hair transplant, body shaping, anti-ageing and other skin-related solutions in India. If you have any query, contact us now!


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