Karwachauth is the most popular Indian festival among all married women. They keep a fast for their husbands and pray for their well-being and their long life. While, the gifts, delicacies, Sargi from the mother-in-law, dress up, get together makes the tough day-long fast a very smooth ride.  It is one pious occasion dedicated to the bond of togetherness shared by a husband and wife. Moreover, it is another D-day, aka Doll up day for the pretty ladies, when they deck themselves from head to toe. For Indian men, Karwachauth is the perfect time to give their lady a soothing experience and gifting some finest beauty services to add gracious audacity to your women.

Admit it, ladies, today’s hectic lifestyle, pollution and poor nutrition make us look older than our real age. They take their toll on us and give us sagging skin, fine lines, and dark under-eye circles. Now given that Karwachauth is only a few weeks away, there are a number of anti-aging treatments that one can try. Choose beauty treatments that will enhance the glow of your skin. Check out the best anti-aging treatments and get it done at least a week before Karwachauth. Don’t forget that your manicure and pedicure should be done beforehand.

Below we have listed a few of Clinic Dermatech services you can try this Karwachauth and give your skin a fresh and new look:

RoboDerma Facial Therapy

Introduced by Clinic Dermatech, RoboDerma Facial Therapy is a Non-Invasive 7-in-1 Robotic system and an innovative solution for facial and body treatment that give amazing results even for more complicated and problematic skins. This breakthrough face therapy technology of skin treatment helps in increasing the production of collagen, helps revitalize the skin and encourages skin cells to cycle faster, which ensures clearer and younger-looking skin.   


Botox, the magic in the bottle, does away the creases on the forehead, the sagging skin on the neck, the crow’s feet on the side of the eyes. As it relaxes the facial muscles that give the frowned look, it gives a smooth wrinkle-free appearance to the face. One should try it to give a younger look to the face as its’ results will certainly last all the way not only through Karwachauth but also Diwali and the New Year parties.

Injectable Dermal Fillers

Injectable Dermal Fillers are used to correcting fine lines, folds, and wrinkles and folds and also add volume where needed. The best thing about them is that one can see the results immediately. They are used to fill in the hollows below the eyes or fill in sunken cheeks or pout up lips as they volume and add suppleness. They work wonderfully in enhancing facial features and improving the contours of the face.  As there is no downtime, one can get it done easily during a lunch break or even continue with one’s festive shopping after the procedure. Best for those who are looking to turn the clock back.

Chemical Peels:

If you want to look your teenage self again, consider getting a chemical peel. They remove the damaged layers of skin and reduces pigmentation, deep wrinkles, acne and rough facial skin texture. Chemical peels diminish the imperfections of the skin by doing away with the damaged top layer of the skin, giving you softer, brighter and smoother skin. Look at your younger avatar again.

Body Polishing with Lasers:

A saree is a beautiful piece of garment that can reveal and cover at the same time. One of the most neglected parts of the body is the back and having a black, rough-textured, uncared back that shows in a low-cut blouse is a complete no-no. One can go for body polishing through laser and correct the dull tone of the skin as well as give a smooth texture. The face, and neck along with hands and feet are the most exposed parts of the body and these areas can benefit from the laser treatment. Lasers remove the dull dead skin, thus resurfacing the skin. It brings forth the younger skin to the fore, thus giving a younger look. After all, you do want to flaunt your back in the saree.

Hair-Free Arms and Legs with Laser Hair Reduction:

Yes, we all want hair-free arms and legs and resort to the usual waxing and shaving for this. As you prep for the festive season, consider giving laser hair reduction a shot. Lasers target the hair at their roots, thereby disabling them and leading to reduced growth. No more waxing, shaving, tweezing, applying hair removal creams that burn the skin or facing ingrowth and rashes. Just smooth soft skin that looks good.

Hand and Feet Rejuvenation:

Don’t forget your hands and feet. Many of us focus on the face so much that we forget that the other person looks at our hands when we fold them or shake them in greetings. Instead of the usual manicure-pedicure, go in for a complete hand and feet rejuvenation, which will not only take off the tan but also the wrinkles and lines, giving you smooth glowing hands and feet.

This festive season, this Karwachauth, let the Lakshmi in you shine bright with Clinic Dermatech. Book your appointment now to get the best services in the town.

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