how to lose weight

A few more cookies than you expected, an extra glass of beer, or one another pizza slice definitely does not mean binging. Binge eating is when you eat too much, and by that we mean way too much. In that moment in time, we shrug off the health advice, and call off that internal tug of war between the shouldn’t and should’ve-s’, gulping it all down like there is no tomorrow.

Holidays is the time to live life like king size and spend time visiting friends, relatives, doing parties or going on vacations, all of which comes along with the variety of lip-smacking sweets, bakery delights, and delicious deep-fried meals. And by the time holidays come to an end, you start feeling embarrassed about your body, the calories you’ve unabashedly gorged on,and the extra kilos that you’ve put on. Fact of the matter is,you start feeling guilty about eating too much, and to make amends for it,you begin looking for how to lose weight after a binge weekend.

Fret not, for we’ve got you covered. To save you from the side effects of binge eating, here are four practical yet super-effective tips on how to prevent weight gain after binge eating, which you must follow rigorously,and not let the guilt of binging  get to you.

Do not fall into the trap of false hunger

how to lose weight

It is a fact that during the 24 hours following a binge, blood sugar level in a person fluctuates wildly. Due to this, a person might feel hungry and crave to eat more sugar and/or carbs. Do not fall under this huger trap. You are not hungry; it’s just your blood sugar level that is going crazy. Instead, sip a cup of black coffee or green tea, move out go for a walk or simply keep yourself busy to forget about hunger.

Exercise, and more Exercise

how to lose weight

Come to terms with the fact that you have gulped down more than you should have, and shift your focus on how to lose vacation weight gain quickly in order to get back to your routine life and activeness. One of the quickest ways to shed off your holiday weight gain is to engage in a high intensity exercise regime. Put on your running shoes and head out to a running track, hop in a weight room, or be a jumping jack; in short, do anything to increase your heart rate, and don’t worry about the energy you are expending in the process, for you have fat to burn.

The fasting trick

how to lose weight

If the trick of fasting works for you and your body, go ahead. Water fast after binge is a tremendously effective way to refute the effect of extra calories which you consumed from overeating. It shouldn’t be an extended fast, just skip a meal or two, and not more than that. Also, while doing that, make sure to consult with an expert so that he or she can map, based on your body’s composition, the number of days for which you should stay on a liquid diet.

Where all else fails, CryoSculpting prevails

how to lose weight

When all the tips & tricks to lose weight after binge do not render the results you were hoping for, you can bet on CryoSculpting to deliver. An ingeniously engineered treatment where the fat is frozen and subsequently eliminated from the body naturally,this treatment requires no needles, no special diet, no supplements, no surgery and most importantly no downtime.


Most importantly, you have to be motivated enough to kick start your weight loss regime; if serious and dedicated you are, then quick results you shall see.

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