Laser hair reduction, most commonly called as LHR, is the successful and painless method of hair reduction that provides you a way to be free of unwanted hair permanently in a safe and secure way. It is the most successful way for reducing unwanted body hair, quickly and in an easy way with proven long-term results. Hair free skin for gorgeous ladies is not a big issue as it is possible through this secure method that is provided by experienced professionals by using the highest quality and state-of-the-art equipment. It starts by delivering laser energy to the treatment area in such a way so as to maximize tissue damage to the hair follicles and at the same time spare the skin and surrounding tissues. It is also an effective method of hair reduction in men who want to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.


Is Laser Hair Reduction for Men Too?

A good number of men think that laser hair reduction is not a method for them to get rid of unwanted hair because of the hardness of skin and hair too. If you are also one of those men who have doubts about reducing hair through lasers, then you are wrong. Laser Hair Reduction is for men too. In simple words, it is the perfect solution those men who are endowed with excessive chest hair that from under the shirts and starts from throat area.

Laser hair reduction is also an ideal way for those who want to reduce the density of hair on the face, throat region, knuckles and even earlobes. It is also the right solution for men who are a barber’s delight like a certain famous actor. It helps you to shape the beard like a well-known cricketer, who besides his great game has inspired many with his sharply shaped beard.

Where Can You Get the Best Laser Hair Reduction Service?


You can find ample advertisements in your city about Laser Hair Reduction. But many of these offer the treatment and procedure to women and girls only. Only a few select places offer Laser Hair Reduction for men too. While an online search will help you in finding such clinics, it is in Delhi NCR where the best and most reputed centres are located.

Clinic Dermatech North India’s Most Awarded Skin Clinic that specialized in hair reduction with lasers. A pioneer and a well-known name, it has the latest lasers for hair reduction. The staff is expertly trained and the procedures take place in clean and hygienic clinics.

To know more about Laser Hair Reduction, visit or call 8905320330.


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