Got Laser Hair Removal In Jaipur: It’s Nothing Like What You Think

Summer is just a month away and it means donning sleeveless tops, shorts, and swimsuits! Don’t let the unwanted body hair mess with your leisure and fun. Opt for permanent laser hair removal for a hassle-free time this summer season!

When it comes to laser hair removal, people have several misconceptions. But before we move on to those, let us tell you a few things about this procedure.

What does laser hair reduction treatment in Jaipur at Clinic Dermatech feel like?

● It is painless

● It can be done anywhere on the body

● It does not cause redness or irritation

Our laser hair removal treatment is quick, pain-free, and feels like a spa treatment. So are there any drawbacks? To be honest, there are none! That said, laser hair removal in Jaipur is safe for all skin tones and hair types. 

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How to prepare for laser hair removal in Jaipur?

Your skin expert needs hair on the treatment area to perform the procedure. So make sure to wait for at least a few weeks after waxing or tweezing and let the hair grow. Although you can shave between treatments, avoid any other hair removal method such as waxing. Because the laser light identifies the contrast between the skin and hair, avoid getting tanned or going on beach vacations. The lighter your skin tone, the better results you will achieve. 

What areas can one target?

The best thing about laser hair reduction in Jaipur is that it can be performed anywhere on the body. The most common areas for women are:

● Legs

● Underarms and arms

● Bikini

● Brazilian

● Face: upper lips, chin, and sidelocks, cheeks

Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Jaipur is provided to men too in the following areas:

● Abdomen

● Chest

● Back

● Arms and legs

● Beard line

● Areas of neck

Do you need touch-ups?

A total of six laser hair removal treatments is common, but you may need fewer or more treatments based on the treatment area. Also, hair growth is natural between the sessions, so there’s no need to get alarmed. 

Laser hair removal is performed through multiple treatments. The results may not be immediately seen after the first sitting itself. You may start noticing results after a week when hair falls out. 

Plus, you may need maintenance treatment twice or thrice in a year if dormant hair shows up. Existing hair is treated permanently, but other hair may still grow in separate cycles and show up later.

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Bottom Line

We also offer one free trial session of laser hair removal in Jaipur in a small area to help our customers make informed decisions. Call us today to know more. 

Book an appointment today and say goodbye to the painful hair removal procedure.

Manju Kuhar
Manju Kuhar
Sejal Thakur s services is excellent
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Niharika Singh
My experience with all staff members at clinic dermatech Gurgaon has been great. I would like to specially mention exceptional professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in all that they do - for 3 members of clinic dermatech - Manisha, Akanksha and Sejal. Thank you so so much for making all interactions and services such a delight !
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neelu Deipakk
Vandana was very good and very gentle with the services
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Sanjana Shukla
Sejal did my facial and it was super good!! Really love the place and services
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Sangeeta Chadha
Sejal did a very relaxing job m A good clean up facial for me .. forgetting the name which Manisha ( guided by her ) would know .. Happy me !
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Kavita Dhingra
Clinic services are amazing. Akanksha is very cooperative and explained the procedure in detail to me.I highly recommend this clinic