Laser Beard Shaping

Guys often fear to shave their face every morning because it is time-consuming and it can cause skin irritation, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Laser Hair Removal for men is a topic that is being most talked about these days.

And yes, it is unquestionably something worth considering, especially for those men who are looking for a better alternative to regularly remove unwanted body or facial hair once every week or even month. 

Slowly but surely, men are realizing that Laser Hair Removal is not just for women! It is no surprise that men are loving the convenience of being able to stop shaving or trimming for the rest of their lives. So we are seeing more and more men adopting technology that’s available to make sure they’re looking their best without the inconvenience and hassle of conventional methods.

 Why Opt for Laser Hair Removal?

Today increasing numbers of men want hair removal for the beard area. This is primarily because:

1 . Folliculitis is a skin condition in which the follicles become sore and cause small bumps like pimples. They can be red in color and scratchy. Permanent laser hair removal can help men prevent this conveniently.

2 . It’s great for well-defined beard shaping. Some men like a clean beard. They can opt for laser hair removal on just the neck or if their beards come up too high on their cheeks.

3 . It saves time. If you’re tired of daily shaving and trimming, this is the solution you’ve been searching for!

Which body areas are best-suited for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal for men can be done on every part of the body…Here, there and even down there!

Men can use Laser Hair Reduction to tackle thick hair on their chest, back, arms and legs. It can be used to reduce unsightly growth on ears, knuckles, hands, and feet and the chest hair peeking out from under the shirt on the neck or cuffs. Many men who may feel conscious of being called a barber’s delight at a swimming pool or beach can now flaunt their metrosexual look with a clean torso and back. Many athletes who wear full-body suits like cycling or swimming also undergo laser hair removal as body hair can snag or tug while pulling up zippers or climbing into the suit. 

Today the trend is towards laser facial hair removal with a certain cricketer being the role model for many males. Beard Shaping with lasers is the hot trend these days and one finds more men signing up for this procedure. The best laser hair removal for men’s beard is offered by Clinic Dermatech which has a pan-India presence of 20 locations across 13 cities. 

Beard Shaping – Choose Your Beard Style with Laser Hair Reduction

More and more men are choosing to go in for permanent hair removal in the beard region of the face and neck. Whether you want to deal with folliculitis or simply hate shaving, consider laser removal as an effective solution for beard shaping. 

Clinic Dermatech is the leader in Hair Laser Reduction treatment. It is the best place to get laser hair removal for men with well-trained staff, state-of-the-art procedure rooms, and the most advanced lasers. Clinic Dermatech uses the latest laser technology for each clinic which is in stark contrast to many other players in the market who use outdated or less effective machines.

Remember, there is a difference between service provided by a top-notch reputed company and dubious beauty salons. For best laser hair removal for beards, walk into your nearest Clinic Dermatech.

What are the results of Laser Beard Shaping?

Results for laser hair removal for men can vary from person to person. It depends on an array of factors. 

It depends on the treatment area, hair thickness, and density, guys can expect to have around six sessions spread between six-to-eight weeks. Results can start appearing within two weeks of the first session with some clients seeing a 50% reduction in hair growth in just 2-3 sessions. 

Each laser treatment usually takes a few minutes to an hour depending on the area to be treated. The ears will take just a few minutes, the upper lip will take just 15 minutes, underarms will take 30 minutes, the back will take an hour or more. The best laser hair removal for men’s beard will be done keeping in mind the shape of the face of the client, the growth and his desirous beard style. 

For up to 90% reduction in hair regrowth, a minimum of six sessions is needed which are spread out four to six weeks apart, as hair has a life cycle of periods of rest and growth. The laser works best when the hair is in the growth phase. 

Beard hair growth is driven by testosterone, so if someone has high testosterone and a very dense beard, it may need more treatments and more frequent maintenance sessions.

Visit Clinic Dermatech for Laser Hair Removal for Men

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