Skincare tips – Get back your glowing skin - Clinic Dermatech
Skincare tips – Get back your glowing skin – Clinic Dermatech

Skincare is every girl’s best friend. With so many skin care tips and routines on the internet, one gets confused about which ones to try for healthy skin. So we have rounded up the best skincare tips of our fave celebrities. These women not only preserve their glowing skin on the screen but off-screen as well. Do read to know more.

Skin Brightening Treatment

We have all received skincare tips from our grandmothers on how to brighten the skin and get a glowing appearance. These DIY tips have ranged from besan uptans to applying lemon juice and rubbing papaya on the skin. But often one feels the need to go beyond these homely advises and get professional care.

At Clinic Dermatech, Skin brightening treatments comprises everything from restoring a healthy-looking glow, removing tan and age spots to more pressing concerns like hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Carbon Miracle Face Therapy is an advanced facial treatment to provide glowing, clear skin. It is an effective science combined with a perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and the power of activated carbon. It helps your skin in looking hydrated and restored. It works on all areas of skin problems and delivers a long-lasting solution.

In the Carbon Miracle Face Therapy, laser shots are given on the skin, along with specially processed black carbon. It offers supreme benefits for the skin. Carbon Miracle Face Therapy helps in brightening the skin by lightening spots and blemishes and thus improves the skin tone for a radiant look.

Carbon Miracle Face Therapy helps in brightening the skin by lightening spots and marks and thus augments the skin tone for a radiant look. It deep cleanses the skin by eliminating scums. Alongside this, it hydrates and nourishes the skin. It is effective as an anti-ageing tool as it tightens and tones the skin while reducing wrinkles and age spots. One can see a marked improvement in the skin as it provides an astringent for the open pores, prevents acne and removes blackheads.

Advanced Facial Services

Many an aunt in our families swears by the power of oil massages for the face with oils ranging from good old mustard to the hottest trend of argan oil. Freshly extracted coconut oil is recommended as a skincare tip by ladies of coastal states of India.

Clinic Dermatech offers the best facial services in India including an extensive range of Advanced Facials which are medically designed by dermatologists and some of the most popular medi-facials available in the country. The advanced face therapies help bring back the elasticity of your skin and make it smooth and firm along with giving it a polished radiance. All of them work as comprehensive face lifting solutions that are sure to work wonders for all skin types – be it oily skin, normal skin, dry or even combination skin.

Power Glow Facial an excellent facial for people with sensitive skin. It adds sheen and make the skin look cleaner and smoother. This facial service can be taken once every month for getting that consistent bright glowing skin.

Pigmentation Solution

Those darkened areas of skin tone you are prone to are caused by the same pigment that gives skin a sun-kissed colour: melanin. When your skin tans, the pigment is consistently distributed. When you develop pigmentation, melanin is concentrated in spots or patches, which makes the skin appear dark in patches and can be the reason for uncomfortable attention.This is the reason that many actively look for anti-tan treatments.

While lemon juice, curd and papaya are the most popular skincare tip, it is better to go in for a professional treatment that will reduce pigmentation forever.

IPL is a skin treatment that uses IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light), to diminish fine lines and improve skin texture by boosting collagen It is the best treatment for pigmentation as it helps reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines, pigmentation, and wrinkles shrinking enlarged pores and improving the overall complexion and skin.

Photo facial IPL from Clinic Dermatech helps you glow naturally and is an absolute favourite and crowd puller. It is also popular as an anti-tan treatment which helps reduce the tans that one may get if one is spending time outdoors in the day or at holidays at hills or waterside. It gives an unmatched glow and brightness to the face that is sure to attract compliments.

While IPL is technically not a laser but a powerful light source that can penetrate the skin with minimal damage and keeps the surface free from any signs of treatment giving the skin a naturally radiant look and is the best treatment for pigmentation.

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is ill-known for leaving scars and pits behind as a reminder of its presence. While the older generation suggests as skincare tips that one uses walnuts and almonds to reduce the scars, it is better to get a medical treatment done.

As the best tool for acne scar removal, Derma Roller is what the skincare experts at Clinic Dermatech recommend and it is something that most celebrities are known to use to rejuvenate their skin as an acne treatment in India. Derma Roller is a handheld device that is designed and proposed to help treat mild to moderate skin issues including wrinkles and scars. The device is held and rolled over the skin to create tiny punctures, which kindles the body to produce collagen and elastin. As the body sees these tiny punctures as damage, it hastens skin repair by increasing production of collagen, elastin and other skin-boosting substances. One would start to see the result as quickly as two weeks.

Derma Roller is a less aggressive procedure to treat minor skin issues in comparison to other treatments like peels or laser skin resurfacing. It helps remove scars and also helps reduce wrinkles, acne scarring and skin discolouration. It helps in increasing skin thickness, facial rejuvenation, and improved product absorption. Doctors recommend this treatment for treating acne and pimples as it reduces the oiliness of the skin as well as sebum production from within the skin and is thus one of the best acne treatments in India.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Celebrities go to incredible lengths to slow down the ageing process and maintain their glowing complexions. Vitality, energy and vibrancy are all adjectives people associate with youth. With age, you may find yourself looking a bit more tired, even if you don’t feel that way that’s because lost volume often contributes to lines, wrinkles and sagging and under-eye hollows.

Most people suggest an anti-ageing skincare tip that one watches what one eats and drinks and exercise regularly to keep the lines and wrinkles at bay. While this is quite important from the health perspective, one should go for regular anti-ageing skincare treatments that will give guaranteed results.

Clinic Dermatech offers an array of anti-ageing treatments like Lasers, Chemical Peels, Rejuvenating Face Therapies along with Dermal Fillers, Botox, Dermal Threads, Liquid Facelift and cutting-edge treatments like Roboderma and CD Ultra. These are sure to keep pesky age lines away and keep you looking young.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a safe, revocable option, and we at Clinic Dermatech work with you to achieve the exact look you want—whether natural or full-on sexy! The fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural-occurring substance in the body which plumps up the area it is injected in. it can be used to make the lips pouty and can also be used to volumize sunken areas of the face like hollows under the eyes or fill in scars. It can even be used to reshape your nose! The dermal fillers are injected in a hygienic environment by expert doctors. As Dermal Fillers are of different types, we offer recommendations for the best-suited fillers based on your skin type and where you have lost the most volume. We are sure that you will start glowing with all the compliments that you will receive!


We at Clinic Dermatech have the best anti-wrinkle treatment and solutions available to make you look younger starting with a wide range of quick, easy and zero downtime injectables like Botox.

Botox is an effective anti-wrinkle treatment as it reduces wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. Botox freezes or temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the area that it is injected in whether it is the forehead, near the mouth or near the eyes. These muscles are the ones that cause wrinkles and fine lines with constant use. Once these muscles relax, the wrinkles disappear. As the fine lines and wrinkles recede, the natural brightness and radiance of the skin are sure to come forth.

Best Clinic for skincare treatments for glowing skin

Clinic Dermatech is North India’s Most Awarded Skincare Clinic with a pan-India presence. It offers world-class skincare treatments which have been designed by medical professionals with the aim of enhancing the radiance of the skin and to boost the appearance of the client. After all, our skin is the first indicator of our health and care for ourselves. All procedures are conducted in state-of-the-art procedure rooms using the latest technologies by expertly trained professionals. We value our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Clinic Dermatech is running offers and packages on all our skin services. Book a session today and get a celeb like glowing skin.

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