“No, I will not opt for laser hair removal as it might ruin my skin!” Planning to shun the idea of lasers over waxing and razors? Hold on! You are overlooking some important facts. Waxing and razors might be a solution for your bothersome hair growth issues, but it is definitely not the best way-out in the long run. Moreover, don’t forget about the countless and exhausting salon visits every 20-25 days!

Don’t let fallacy ruin your dream of having a fuzz-free body.Have a look on a few commonly held misconceptions.

Laser Hair Removal

Myths About Laser Hair Removal

It’s Unsafe!

Laser Hair Removal process is purely safe. The type of laser system is the only risk factor regarding skin’s safety. I am sure you wouldn’t want anybody to mess with your skin’s health and hence going for the laser treatment by an FDA approved dermatologist is highly recommended. Beware of some beauty clinics which may entice you by providing cheap treatments. Usually, Device like ND Yag, IPL Laser, and Diode are the most reliable ones.

Burns skin!

Well, a little bit of redness may occur which will disappear just after 30 minutes of the treatment. However, you will never be affected with chronic skin burns; your skin would be as glowing as it was prior to the treatment. Also, the rate of burning and itching would vary from skin to skin. Still, if you sense excessive inflammation, having a word with your dermatologist is suggested.

Unbearable pain!

It feel great when you have done away with recurring hair growth without any major pain, which is possible with Laser treatment. Most patients experience a minimal amount of pain or a little discomfort during laser sessions. However, it is just for a short span.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

Only for women!

Not only women, but a number of men are opting for laser hair removal too. The desire for less hair in body areas like chest, neck, back and, arms along with beard shaping has become a basic need, in professions where men need to flaunt their body. So obviously, the stereotype of “only women require laser treatment” is a myth.

Numerous sessions!

People usually misconceive laser treatment to be a monthly affair. On the contrary, in about 6-8 sittings, you will start experiencing hair reduction. This is because, laser hair removal is a gradual process and involves damaging the follicles in the hair growing phase; although. Genetics and skin type could also play a role.

If you are still not convinced,before dismissing the idea of laser hair removal, atleast a visit to the best laser hair removal clinic is a must. We, at Clinic Dermatech, believe in providing honest guidance and suitable treatment as per our patients’ needs. For more details, contact us now!


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