After my C-section, I was so engaged with my baby that I couldn’t care less about the condition of my body or worry about getting it back to the pre-pregnancy stage. Managing time was hard. At all times, I seemed to be nursing. When I was not nursing, I was sleeping. There was no scope to look at me in the mirror.

Then a few months later, I came across another new mother, who had undergone C-section, and she showed me her scar. To my surprise, it was a tiny cut and the surrounding skin was clear. I hesitated to show her mine. Although I had healed well from the surgery, there was a scar that was prominent on the skin. When my friend showed me her cut, I got jealous and had ‘scar envy’. Then I decided it was finally time I should talk to a specialist.


The Facts

I learned that Scar Revision Surgery is an excellent option but the treatment doesn’t remove the scar completely. This is the most important thing that anyone should know before approaching for this procedure any further. The scar revision experts of Clinic Dermatech explain that plastic surgery can, to some extent, reduce the size and change the appearance of a scar, but they cannot completely remove it. If anyone is annoyed by the appearance of scars, the first and the important step should be to call an experienced plastic surgeon who will discuss and explain the necessary treatments.

While scar revision surgery is generally safe, it is important to know who is performing your scar revision surgery treatment. Your plastic surgeon should have done this procedure previously, should be highly experienced and able to answer your questions before making your decision. My experience at Clinic Dermatech showed that the expert team studied my case and was committed to helping me in minimizing my C-section scars to a large extent.


The Progress

I gathered that Scar Revision Surgery does reduce the ugly scars. But if you are like me, you won’t mind having a little reminder of your childbirth process. The overall improvement depends on a variety of factors that will be explained by your cosmetic surgeon at Clinic Dermatech. This includes how well you take care of your skin after the procedure or the size of the scar to start with. Just know that when there is a problem, there are solutions for you.

You’ve already gone through enough embarrassment due to the scars. Now it’s time for you to seek some professional help when taking the plunge to treat your physical scars.

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