You couldn’t wait in your teenage years to hit 20s, so that those crazy hormonal zits wouldn’t bother you anymore. Reality check-you are well into your 30s and your wrinkles are meeting your pimples. Say hello to adult acne! If you had oily skin as a teen, chances are that your acne might flare up even as an adult, but even those who never had pimples as teens can experience adult acne. Life isn’t fair, right?


Here are some primary causes why you might be experiencing this dreadful union of acne and wrinkles into your adulthood as well:


High levels of male hormones (testosterone) , especially around the period can lead to painful cystic acne on the chin, back and neck.


Women are increasingly juggling multiple tasks (full time mommy, full time job) and hence, stress becomes inevitable. According to studies, “When you’re stressed, you have an organ called the adrenal gland that makes the stress hormone – cortisol, and puts it out into the body to help the body deal with stress”. This also brings out with itself a bit of testosterone, which causes breakouts.


Needless to say, this is the price you pay for living the city life. Dust and pollution harm skin more than you can imagine. Pollution clogs your pores and aggravates acne.


Some of us follow fads blindly or just get influenced into buying products that may be doing more harm than good. It’s a safe bet to buy products labelled as oil-free,non-comedogenic,or water-based, if you have oily or acne prone skin. Also, trying out OVER THE COUNTER acne treatments can fire back, so expert consultation is always recommended.


Don’t develop an OCD to clean and wash your face very frequently as it will worsen your acne. That is because you strip the skin of its natural protective layer, leaving it open and prone to acne attacks. Also, over washing will signal skin to overcompensate the dryness by producing more oil and hence building up acne further.


Sugar levels spike up insulin in the body which promotes testosterone production, again! Stick to low-glycaemic foods—ones that have complex carbs like whole grains, which break down slower in the body and don’t notch up insulin rapidly. Some people find dairy or chocolate, fried foods, pizza, caffeine, fizzy drinks or nuts problematic. Simply stay away from them. There cannot be a middle path.


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