You’ve been putting in the effort but still don’t have the abs you’re after? The untiring work outs to sculpt your abs since the winter aren’t getting you any results. Now the summer is approaching, and you are a bit disappointed that you aren’t ready to expose your flatter belly or show off your six-packs on the beach.

Shrugs, tunics, and jackets can easily camouflage those small bulges, but when unclothed or clothing fail to hide those fleshy prominences, body contouring sounds interesting. They are easier and more effective ways to get a flatter and toned looking tummy. It might be that doing crunches and working out on abs and diet isn’t enough to give that desired result for that particular area. At Clinic Dermatech, our experts can help you get a tummy that you can feel proud of, with no crunches or planks required.


Tummy Tuck for Loose Belly Skin

The issues you have with your stomach area might not necessarily be due to having excess fat in that particular area. If you are having loose belly post delivery or after losing a considerable amount of weight, some of the extra thickness in the abdominal area is due to loose muscle and additional skin. Pregnancy and gaining weight can cause the belly skin to stretch.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck can be the most preferred method of sculpting your abs with surgery. It comes in a variety of sizes. The mini tummy tuck or the least invasive method is ideal for those with a little amount of skin sag and slight muscle looseness. Those with excess skin can benefit from extended tummy tuck. If you have busted your butt for months and years to lose weight only to be left with those ugly loose skin, it is time you approach Clinic Dermatech to tighten those skin.

Abdominal Etching to Sculpt Your Abs


A tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty can be the first step to get you a flatter stomach. But, if you want definition, you are going to want body contouring or liposuction, which effectively removes the excess fat from the area. It is a type of surgery that involves using methods to suction out excess fat from the particular area.

Abdominal etching is categorised for the abdominal area. This groundbreaking procedure is designed to give the tummy that most desired shape or appearance by removing localised fat. It is like dream come true and you can experience the most appropriate, sculpted shape of you. While other industry players offer a ‘one size fits all’ technique for all their clients, the experts at Clinic Dermatech offer a range of the latest treatments using the advanced, next generation equipment. We know how to apply this treatment perfectly and work closely with our clients, pre, and post and during treatment.

Although the removed fat won’t come back, there are chances to lose definition in the particular area if you aren’t strict with your diet and lifestyle. Remember, body contouring isn’t a magic, you will still need to pay attention to what you eat and make sure you follow your physician’s orders.


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