skin specialists in Delhi, Dermatologist in Delhi

skin specialists in Delhi, Dermatologist in Delhi


How your skin is treated at night affects what it looks like in the morning. Of course, everyone knows that any make up that you put on needs to be removed before you go to sleep, to let the skin breathe throughout the night; but there are little things that you can add to your night regime, and the difference that you start noticing will be enough to convince you to continue. As one of the best skin specialists in Delhi, Clinic Dermatech has devised a number of products that can help you perfect your night regime.

The whole day we rush about through dirt, dust and pollution, we might wash our faces for some instant removal of grime, but it isn’t enough. With Clinic Dermatech’s Absolute Cleanser, you can properly cleanse the skin, removing dead cells, dirt, dust as well as any applied makeup. This cleanser is a unique formulation rich in natural extracts, making it suitable for all skin types. The use of this product will not just clean your skin, but also leave it soft and supple.

Using the product
First wash with warm water, as the warmth will help open up your skin pores, making it easier for the cleanser to completely remove the impurities. After washing with the Absolute Cleanser, make sure you use cold water to wash your face as the cold water will now help the pores to close back up.

A toner is used as the next step, to restore the pH levels of your skin. The Reviving Tonic Mist by Clinic Dermatech is an alcohol free toner that while restoring the pH level, also removes any remaining impurities and leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Suitable for all skin types, the Tonic Mist helps control blemishes and breakouts as well.

Using the product
Pour the Tonic Mist onto a cotton ball and wipe it from the forehead to the chin, avoiding the eye area. Flip over the cotton ball and wipe again in the reverse direction. There is no need to rinse off the toner.

Next step is to hydrate your face, one of the widely conceived beauty tips for fairness. Clinic Dermatech’s Hydration+ is a product that helps in preserving as well as enhancing benefits of all skin care procedures. The soothing blend of natural extracts in Hydration+ helps restore essential oils and the moisture of your skin. Lightly apply this product and let it be absorbed by your skin.

Night Cream
The Energizing Overnight Cream by Clinic Dermatech has a natural active complex that works on your skin overnight, improves elasticity while it rejuvenates your skin, reducing the effects of exposure and pollution.

The pillow case
You might think that your pillow does not matter, but depending on the way you sleep and on how much you move around during the night, your skin feels the tugging and pulling and that can help in early wrinkles and age lines. Use a silk pillow case that minimizes any pulling of the skin, and try to sleep on your back as much as possible.

The most important part of any night regime is proper sleep. If you start skimping on sleep, it will eventually start showing on your face, so sleep ample for a skin that’s lively and invigorated.


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