Each one of us likes to be nicely dressed and look fine. And one of the most important things, that highlights our personality is hair. However, things start getting worse when baldness steps in. From home remedies to consulting various doctors, you tend to try all the best possible methods and treatments to get rid of upsetting hair loss. It gets even more disappointing when all go in vain.

Thanks to the advent of laser technology that has brought in various surgery options, the most important of them is hair transplant. Basically, it is a non-invasive technique in which hair follicles are uprooted from one part of the body and placed to the affected bald area. Choosing it is a very crucial decision and you wouldn’t want to take any risk for it.

Hair Loss Treatment

There are two methods!

Hair transplant can be performed via two methods – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The former involves removal of a tissue strip to your donor zone that is further dissected into 1 by 4 follicular unit whereas the grafts are individually harvested and then trimmed under microscope in the latter method. Your doctor will let you know which one is best-suited for your type of hair texture.

Doesn’t work on absolute bald heads!

Hair transplant will let you regain your confidence level, which had plunged due to hair loss. And If you are planning to get back your ‘“perfect look”’, DO NOT wait for your hair to shed fully. Receding hairline or hair thinning issues can be solved adequately, but not in the state of complete baldness. The treatment can only be performed with your existing hair and no new hair would be rooted on your scalp.

It is permanent!

Good news for you! You’ll only have to spend time and money for once and you will be sorted for lifetime. This is a permanent treatment and this factor plays a major role while deciding about whether to opt for it or not.

Treat transplanted hair as normal hair!

There is the biggest misconception amongst people that transplanted hair require care and might get damaged. You do not need to worry much about your new hair as once transplanted,; you only need to look after them just like normal hair. You only need to follow the aftercare instructions given by your doctor.

Choose the best clinic!

“Choosing the best hair transplant clinic is a very tough yet crucial decision. You cannot afford to go wrong in this one. From knowing their offered treatments to the success rates, you have to check it all. Clinic Dermatech, being one of the best clinics in Delhi, assures you to provide an appropriate curing process for hair loss.

“The aforementioned pointers are suggested to keep in mind before going for hair restoration process. Don’t let the hair loss ruin your confidence; hop in at Clinic Dermatech near you to know more!


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