Statistics show that permanent hair loss affects 70% of men and 40% of women in their lifetimes. There is a clear bias towards men when we talk about balding and it does cause a dent in their confidence. Losing hair can lead to varied psychological distresses,ranging from inferiority complex to depression. Although, hair loss is a natural process, excessive hair loss or premature hair loss can indicate more serious health conditions.

Generally, men choose to hide their hair loss problem,until and unless it goes out of hand. They rush to look out for the solutions and treatments for hair loss problems. Let us decode the reasons, symptoms and possible solutions (including hair transplant) of hair loss problems in men.



1) GENETICS: Also known as androgenic alopecia, this is a genetic condition that makes men prone to hair loss. The hair loss starts from the temples and recedes back into the characteristic ’M’ shape. The crown area is also affected. The androgen receptors in hair follicles start to shrink (and eventually die out) due to the production of dihydrotestosterone that over-time makes hair thinner, softer, finer, and shorter.

2) PUBERTY: Due to hormonal changes, some teens experience hair loss in their adolescence. This is again due to excess production of Testosterone, which is at its peak during puberty. Studies show that by the age of thirty-five, approximately two-thirds of men lose a little hair. By the age of fifty, 85% experience hair thinning or a significant amount of hair loss, unless they resort to some form of hair loss treatment or a hair transplant.

3) MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Certain medical conditions like anaemia or thyroid problems can cause hair loss too. Besides, a diet low in protein and iron can also cause hair thinning. Drugs administered during treatment of diseases, like Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, for example radiation treatment or chemotherapy, can cause widespread hair loss. However, the hair loss can be reversed once the treatment stops.

4) STRESS AND SHOCK: Sudden weight loss or gain, long bout of flu, physical or mental trauma can also trigger hair loss in men.

5) ALOPECIA AREATA: Alopecia Areata can begin at childhood. It is caused due to genetic conditions that cause your own immune system to attack the hair follicles and result in round, bald patches on your scalp.

The reason why hair loss in men is more visible than in women is that men start to lose hair rapidly and at certain places, while in women the process is gradual, and they lose hair more evenly from throughout the scalp.


The only way to prevent hair loss to a certain extent is to not cause them damage by using too many styling products or excess of heat. Healthy balanced diet, rich in iron, zinc, Vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, help in healthy hair growth.


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