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Laser hair removal in Delhi


When it comes to hair removal, we all dread of those painful waxing sessions, threading agonies and tweezing tortures. But no more. Clinic Dermatech, a leading cosmetic dermatology clinic, brings forth effective laser hair removal treatments which help you get a flawlessly beautiful skin in just a few sessions with proven long term results.


Backed by a team of professional experts with years of experience in the field of laser hair removal procedures, Clinic Dermatech has conducted millions of sessions and has delivered exceptional results.


Housing some of the world’s best next generation laser hair reduction models, Clinic Dermatech’s technologies promise more coverage, faster treatment and long lasting results. Its fleet of technologically advanced machines include – Nd YAG laser, Diode Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).


Diode Laser


Diode Laser is a non-invasive light therapy device which has been specially designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. The Diode Laser generates light at 808 nm wavelength that targets the melanin present in the hair shaft and the follicle. The chill tip cooling piece of the machine protects the outer layer of the skin from getting damaged by decreasing surface temperature and preventing thermal injury from the laser beam.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)


IPL technology is best suited for sensitive skin areas and works in a minimally invasive manner. The technology involves a broad spectrum of light source with a general wavelength range of 500nm to 1200nm. IPL also possesses a unique feature of filtering the light spectrum and targeting only the roots of the hair while not affecting the skin tissues.


Nd:Yag laser


The proven technology of Nd:Yag laser employed by Clinic Dermatech offers fast and effective hair reduction treatment due to its large spot size. It ensures completely safe permanent hair reduction for almost all skin types. Emitting light at a wavelength of 1064 nm, Nd:Yag targets the melanin present in the hair and the follicles. The laser carefully burns hair from its roots and reduces or stops further growth of hair in the targeted area.


While each of these technologies makes use of high energy wavelengths, they only target the hair and do not affect the skin tissues surrounding the targeted area. The entire procedure is virtually pain free, comfortable and promises no discomfort. The treatment time generally last for 30 minutes depending upon the coverage area and you can easily get back to your routine work almost immediately after the procedure.


A laser hair removal treatment requires 6-8 sittings. Although the results vary from one person to another, typically, 80 per cent reduction in hair growth is expected. Also, keep in mind that a laser hair reduction treatment cannot be performed during pregnancy.


If you too are fed up of regular waxing, threading and tweezing headaches, come to Clinic Dermatech and bid a permanent goodbye to hair growth with our exceptional laser hair reduction treatment. Book an appointment TODAY!


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