Whether you are targeting to lose those extra pounds or gift yourself that hour-glass figure, take recourse to the 360 degree science for body shaping program at Clinic Dermatech. It is a perfect program for all those who would like to lose weight, a few inches of fat or tone their bodies to look their slimmest best. This program works perfectly fine to deliver the right knowledge in an age where we all are flooded with an overdose of information pertaining to weight and inch loss.  One opting for it is sure to leave satisfied with the amazing results that this figure correction procedures guarantees!

Nowadays, everyone has an opinion on the right way to cut down on the excess flab. From quick-fix programs to crash diets, complex gastric surgeries to thousands of weight loss solutions, there is ample advice and conflicting opinions at every turn on how one can lose excess fat and become slim in the quickest possible time.  An effective way to decide on the right procedure to lose body weight is to adopt a holistic approach towards body shaping. Clinic Dermatech helps one to achieve their ideal body weight through the aid of result-yielding technological tools supported strongly by practiced and time-tested beauty services.

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Revolutionizing the domain of body and beauty treatments, Beautytek system taps the potential of the body to repair and restore its well-being, thereby helping it to reshape itself completely. This novel beauty treatment for reshaping the body combines the power of both world-class technologies and traditional medicines. It is one of the safest and pain-less alternatives to surgically delivering body corrections and procedures.  Those with fear of going under the knife can opt for this method and avoid the complications that often accompany invasive procedures.

Radio Frequency (Bipolar)

As one grows and reach thirties, signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles also start appearing.  It is necessary to follow right beauty tricks and tips to delay the aging process. Taking help of expert professionals from Clinic Dermatech can prove to be quite a blessing for the skincare problems. Tighten the lose skin tissues and reduce face wrinkles, dilated pores and fine lines with the use of radiofrequency therapy. This process aims to improve the cellulite appearance by applying infrared light through a precise thermal heating mechanism. Applying electromagnetic high frequency waves works well in weight loss and body sculpting.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation & Galvanic

Treating cellulite with the biological phenomenon of cavitation delivers safe and long-term results. This phenomenon is essentially based on application of low frequency current waves to selectively damage the membranes of fat cells. Post a session of cavitation, excess toxins are drained from the body into the lymphatic system and liver to be metabolized. Galvanic therapy helps in fluid retention and boosting the blood circulation as well as lymph drainage. Skin health also improves considerably along with weight loss with the help of this process.

Opting for a customized 360 degree science for body shaping program at Clinic Dermatech is designed to fit the individual requirements and give them the best weight loss experience that one can ever have. This non-invasive procedure is highly safe, convenient and comes with long-lasting results that are easy to maintain even long after completion of the program with the help of basic lifestyle changes.


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