It is no longer difficult to get rid of unwanted body hair thanks to the recent advances made in the field of cosmetology. The latest technology of permanent laser hair reduction is a brilliant way to remove unwanted hair from body parts permanently and that too with long-term and quick results. All those who always wished to get smooth, hair-free skin can now do so without undergoing the pain of long hours of waxing and shaving simply by going in for laser hair removal process. Choose Clinic Dermatech for receiving phenomenal services from experienced and reliable staff with good skills of performing laser hair reduction.

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Clinic Dermatech assures quick, effective and long-term results

Clinic Dermatech have customized treatment program for people in need of removing unwanted hair growth through technologically advanced techniques.  Equipped with state of the art equipment for laser hair removal, Clinic Dermatech helps to attain the beauty, confidence and comfort that come with possessing hair-free, smooth, supple skin. No matter what the skin type of a customer approaching the clinic for hair reduction is, it has several procedures and highly skilled team of dermatologists and skin hair reduction specialists with right knowledge to treat all skin types. Visiting Clinic Dermatech is a best thing to do when you have doubts about the laser hair reduction process and need expert advice to help you understand the effectiveness and intricacies of the procedure.

Understanding hair growth and process of removing hair follicles

Clinic Dermatech delivers laser reduction technology in such a manner so as to disable the hair follicles in their “active growth” stage or anagen stage during the course of the treatment. Laser light is beamed on to the treatment zone to serve the maximum tissue damage to the hair follicles to restrict their growth on the body part but it spares the surrounding skin area and tissues. Depending on the area where hair from the body is to be removed, its coarseness, density and requirements of the customer, clients coming to the clinic are counseled and advised on the use of Diode, IPL or ND Yag laser for permanently removing hair. Growth cycle of hair also varies by body area and this factor too is taken into account by experienced and expert professionals at the Clinic Dermatech when chalking out a customized hair reduction plan.

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Facts to know when you choose Permanent Laser hair reduction process 

Getting all the facts right about the laser hair reduction process is imperative to ensure that you understand the benefits and side-effects, if any, about the process and that you are prepared for all the consequences it might result in. It is best to inquire from our qualified doctors about the type of laser that would be used for removing the unnecessary hair.  Sessions for removing hair through laser light can often stretch up to 6-8 times but it often varies, depending upon the body part from which hair is to be removed and the density of hair and other requirements. Expert consultation is also needed for the use of lotions, cosmetics and other skin creams on areas for laser hair removal.

Try Permanent Laser Hair Reduction at Clinic Dermatech to get safe, convenient, and quick as well as permanent results for removing unwanted body hair.


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