They say beauty is skin deep, so it is imperative to take good care of your skin in order to look and feel great. However, in the fast paced lifestyle of today, most of us are unable to give our skin the tender love and care it needs and prolonged exposure to the evils of city life- sun exposure, computer exposure, unhealthy diet, genetic issues, hormonal imbalances, etc can all lead to various skin problems including skin pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation or skin discoloration is one of the most common skin challenges faced by us. Mostly you can blame the Sun for these dark spots but there can be many other factors that we may not know of. It’s better to consult a reputed skin specialist for the correct diagnosis and treatment of your problem before it gets out of hand.

Here are the 5 Most Common Causes of Skin Pigmentation –


Life can serve you a raw deal at times and these irritating skin blotches can be blamed to your gene pool. You could have dark patches, moles clustered together in lumps that could worsen with age and sun exposure. However, the good news is that you can correct them to varying extents (depending on your problem and your treatment) with the right skin pigmentation treatment.


You could be a hopeless beach bum who loves the sun but those UVA rays aren’t going to be your best friends. They permeate your skin and cause melanin damage which results in liver or age spots on our hands, cleavage,etc. Needless to mention, it only worsens with age if not attended to by a skin specialist.


I am sure most women would identify with this term as our hormones do crazy without notice and can lead to a host of problems including MELESMA or hormone induced pigmentation. It can happen due to the Birth control pills, it could be an effect of menopause or even pregnancy. The sun damage gets more prominent once you cross the “youth “stage.


Whether it is chronic inflammation, post injury scars, or the inflammation post dermatitis/eczema, acne and Addison’s disease, pigmentation can occur due to any of these reasons too. It can also happen at places where scratches, burns, squeezed out pimples occur. Repeated friction such as that caused by rubbing thighs, violin’s neck or marks of wearing cap constantly are also a few reasons for dark spots on skin.


On the other side of the pigmentation spectrum lies the problem of hypo pigmentation where skin has a complete lack of melanin or decreased melanocytes. The causes can range from disorders such as Vitiligo, prolonged skin damage due to sun or inflammation. Although in a lot of cases it is irreversible, Clinic Dermatech offers various Advanced Skin Treatments to take care of such pigmentation problems.


In cases of blemishing and freckles, Clinic Dermatech provides advanced non-surgical treatments such as Yellow peel, Glycolic Peel, Nomelan peel, Black peel, Q-Switched laser, CD-Plus Facial(Radiance), BCN Melano, Carbon miracle etc under expert supervision. We also have various treatments for restoring glow, treating uneven skin tone and brightening up dull complexion that include, Advance facial,Signature facial, Power Glow, MangoBrite peel, Power Pumpkin Peel and Lactic Peel.

Visit your nearest Clinic Dermatech to discover a world of options that make you look and feel blemish free.


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